Undertaker v. Bryan, Cena v. Punk @ WM 30

Is it just me or do those seem like the $$$ matches for the show?  Evil Daniel Bryan with Bray Wyatt v. Undertaker and Cena vs. Punk for the WWE World title. Orton main eventing in the WWE World title match against anyone will be shitted on.  Orton can easily drop the title to Cena, Punk wins the Rumble.  This is the closest thing WWE has to Rock-Austin.   Orton can face Batista in a lower card match since that match is easy enough to build without being for the title.  I know WWE seems set on Lesnar v. Taker but that too seems like a match that won’t be interesting in its build and won’t bring in ratings.  Put Lesnar up against an up and coming star instead that eliminates him in the Rumble (Sheamus, Big E, Ryback…).  Triple H also needs a match which would be the perfect opportunity for them to elevate a new star with Vince McMahon handpicking his opponent…  My ideal WM card:
WWE World Title Match
CM Punk v. John Cena
Daniel Bryan w/Bray Wyatt v. Undertaker
Triple H w/Stephanie McMahon v. Dolph Ziggler w/Vince McMahon
Sheamus v. Brock Lesnar
WWE Tag Team Title Match
Real Americans w/Zeb Coulter v. Big Show & Rey Mysterio w/Hulk Hogan
Randy Orton v. Batista
US Title Triple Threat
Roman Reigns v. Dean Ambrose v. Seth Rollins
Cody Rhodes v. Goldust

I don’t mind this lineup, actually.  Really like the tag title match and having Hulk seconding Rey and Show.   Kudos.