Mr. Bob Backlund WWF Chapion

Hey Scott,

Digging the mid-90's talk, so here's a question I've always had. How long in advance was Diesel programmed to win the WWF title? IIRC from Bret's book, he was surprised that Backlund dropped it to Big D so quick, was there another plan in place? Was the plan always set for Bret to drop it to Backlund? And if Diesel was something cooked up last minute who was Bob supposed to drop the strap too?

Well, Vince was kinda busy with the steroid trials and bottoming business and all at that point, so I'm thinking that not a lot of this stuff was well planned or anything.  The Diesel thing always seemed really reactionary to me, with numbers down equaling Vince going back to the big guys like he always does.