Is the sky really falling?

Long time fan and owner of all your books and kindle rants. Question for blog –

Is the massive over reaction to the heel turn by Bryan really justified? This feels more akin to Shawn Michaels defeated, desperate "heel" run with JBL prior to his big time rematch with Undertaker at WM. Meaning there's still plenty of time to get somewhere good by April.

Besides that can't we acknowledge the fact that Bret dropped the strap to Yoko-freaking-Zuna and watched Hogan beat him in a minute. He recovered. CM Punk was a 2 time world champion before he was even a made man in 2011.

Meaning perceptions change and the fact that Bryan is a great worker and decent guy almost guarantees he'll get another run on top especially when you factor in injuries. He's also main evented basically every show the last few months and they gave him the last 30 minutes of Raw (which coincidentally or not drew 4 million viewers for the first time in awhile). Let's see how it places out.

Hopefully not with a pedigree…

Yeah, but people forget how shitty the Shawn-JBL blowoff turned out, as they ended up climaxing the angle at the wrong time and left the actual match with no heat.  In general, there's just not a lot of goodwill left from the fanbase that this stuff is gonna turn out like it could.  Like look at their big story from last year:  CM Punk holds the WWE title for a record reign, The Rock returns and gets a title shot for some reason, then loses to John Cena because it was his turn.  Punk recovers heat by winning a four-way match to quality for the Undertaker at WM.  Thrilling stuff, to be sure. 
And hitting four million viewers in the run-up to Royal Rumble with no football is not exactly something to crow about.  Which is not a knock on Bryan in the least, I'm just saying the product is ice cold right now.