How Did You Get You Hooked?

I don't know if you covered this at some point; I've been BODer for years and don't remember if it was:

How did you get into professional wrestling?

Me, at age 9, a friend of family watched it and I happened to be awake at midnight on a Saturday night to watch Championship Wrestling. The 1979 WWF TV Ted DiBiase/Hussian Arab (Iron Shiek) match got me interested and Larry Zbyszko turning on Bruno Sammartino won me over (Yes, I'm exposing my age here). Magazine subscriptions, fuzzy UHF shows from Los Angeles and Florida and live events at MSG followed. And through various degrees of interest, I've been into it.

Keep up your great work on the blog and I hope all the BODers have a great New Year.

I've definitely covered it before, but once again for posterity.  My dad would watch Stampede and Al Tomko's crappy Vancouver promotion all the time and it had very little interest for me.  Then my mom rented Wrestlemania 2 for my 12th birthday party and I started getting interested on my own.  I happened to see the Orndorff-Hogan angle, and then Savage crushed Steamboat's throat with the ringbell and there was no turning back from there.