The Next Big Thing ?

Now, we all know what CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar was like. Basically, they blew the roof off during that Summerslam match. But I feel, such ***** matches should be treated in a super-special way by not having another match. The second match will not only live up to the expectations, but also make Lesnar look weak when he has to return the job to Punk. Their once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece was just PERFECT in every facet of pro-wrestling and it was the smartest way they could’ve booked either guy. Now, my question to you is : After watching how brilliant Punk vs Lesnar was, can you imagine how terrifyingly awesome Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar can be ? Lesnar treating Bryan like a little bitch throughout, and almost KILLING him during the process before Bryan makes his legendary babyface comeback and beats the shit out of Lesnar all over the place and MURDERS him with the RUNNING KNEE OF DOOM or makes him tap out or something. Sure, that may sound chimerical, but at this point I’d do just ANYTHING to make Bryan the biggest star today. Do you see Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan happening anytime in the future ?

There would basically be no advantage to Brock even taking that match from a financial standpoint.  He’s  not gonna main event with it and otherwise you can’t justify his salary using him to put over some goat-faced B+ guy.   Now Randy Orton, there’s a stud worthy of the match.  Hasn’t years of watching this product taught you anything?