Flair In Sin City

Scott, any idea why Ric Flair was so desperately keen to return to WCW in January 1993? If I remember rightly,he returned at SuperBrawl that February but due to legal tie-ups didn't actually wrestle until July. Why did he hotshot his WWF exit with little hype then gladly sit out six months? Why not hang around for the Mania 9 payday and some priceless "Nature Boy In Vegas" vignettes? Flair v Savage II,Flair v Hogan,Flair/Luger v Savage/Perfect or even Flair/Razor would have been decent options for that show.

I think he was just really unhappy with his time in the WWF at that point and felt like WCW would be better money and people he knew.  Flair's never really been one for well-thought decisions in the first place.