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Batista Returning to the WWE?

There have been internet and radio adds for the 2/16 WWE House Show in Las Vegas that promote the appearance of Batista. Mike Johnson of spoke with sources in the WWE that confirmed he was expected back and that the adds were released prematurely.

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Original Finish to the TLC Unification Match Switched?

The original house show lineups post-TLC featured Cena vs. Orton wrestling in unification matches, meaning the PPV match would have had a screw-job finish. Apparently, all sides realized that another PPV ending like that would be a good idea.

Credit Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four Weekly Newsletter

Reason For Natalya’s Drunk Text Messaging Storyline From “Total Diva’s?”

The story of Natalya sending messages to Stephanie McMahon while intoxicated was not legit but it was based off of a real-life incident. Apparently, this was based off of a male wrestler who either send messages by text or phone to Vince McMahon, essentially expressing that he was frustrated and deserved a better position on the card. It is not believed that the incident led to the male performer being buried or anything but he was spoken to and has not behaved like that since. Although the name of the performer was not revealed, Dave Meltzer said that it was not Dolph Ziggler

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Richie Steamboat Released

Steamboat was released a few months back. He has not wrestled in well over a year due to a back injury.

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