I was half-watching the PPV last night and I'd go thumbs in the middle, in that there was nothing terrible at least.  It certainly wasn't the secret success that last year's show was.  
– CM Punk over the Shield.  The concept was so ridiculous but they had me believing in the near-falls by the end, and Punk gets the miracle win for the good opener.  ***
– Didn't really watch much in the middle there.  I remember Big E retaining over Sandow in a decent Superstars main event, like *1/2 or so.
– Tag title match was once again a showcase of why Goldust is phenomenal right now.  No one else understands the psychology of the face-in-peril lately like him and I'm gonna be sad when he goes heel and turns on Cody.  Like the Punk match, this was another slow burn, leading to Cody going over Rey with the Crossroads clean as a sheet.  ***1/2
– I didn't pay much attention to the time-filling matches.
– Wyatts over Daniel Bryan.  OK, but what's the point?  Crowd was big into Bryan's comeback but it's well past the time where doing the "plucky underdog almost wins but then doesn't" finish helps him in the least.  This felt like a RAW match leading to something else.  **1/2
– Orton over Cena in the most important match in the history of our sport this week.  It was OK.  ***
So yeah, I was not blown away by this at all, but at least the ending wasn't Hunter getting the titles.