the return of the ‘Supercard’ WrestleMania?

With the ambivalence surrounding XXX and everyone going bananas throwing out different combinations of guys as potential match-ups, one thing's for sure: the WWE has enough talent for a card more than just 8 matches. 

So, considering that and the fact that XXX is a huge milestone, is there any chance of a return to the 12-14 match supercard not seen since, I guess, XX?  Or is it fucking suicide in this day and age to produce a bloated 4 and 1/2 hour wrestling pay-pay-view? Because with all these rumored match-ups and returns floating around, it's seems unavoidable. 

Oh my god, man, I can't get through a 3 hour RAW, let alone a bloated 4.5 hour Wrestlemania.  They have enough trouble keeping crowds alive through RAWs as it is, that would be suicide for them if they tried it.