Hulk Hogan and Cowboy Bob Orton main Event WM 30???

Hey Scott, any chance with the rumored involvement of the Hulkster the WM match we get is Cena and Hogan against Orton and his dad?  There would be the symmetry of 2 guys from the WM1 Main Event in there 30 years later and can continue the "legendary" Cena-Orton feud.  And Bob can even wear the cast!

In this scenario I'd have Punk-HHH for the title as the main event with Dbry-HBK and Brock-Taker as the other features.  Or, if Shawn really won't wrestle again, how about Punk-HHH-Bryan triple threat for the title with HBK as special ref?

Or am I crazy and we are getting Cena-HHH for the title to end this storyline once and for all?

Bob Orton still has major heat due to working matches in 2005 and blading after being diagnosed with Hepatitis.  I really doubt they'd bring him back again, especially for a payday like that.

And they still have no idea where they're going at this point aside from "Cena maybe in a tag match with or against Hogan or something, and Vince against HHH somehow" according to the WON. So I guess anything is possible.