“What if”

Weekly “What if” time mofos.  This was a suggestion from someone. Im sure we all know the backstory/urban legend so I’ll keep it short.

What if the MSG incident never happened, and HHH won the 1996 King of the Ring instead of Steve Austin?

Things to consider:
– Nash and Hall were on their way to WCW, thus opening up a few top level roster spots.

– Austins 3:16 speech.  I think the whole “Austins career skyrocketed after the 3:16 moment” is revisionist WWE history,  but how important was this moment to his career arc?

– Does Austin eventually get his push, and get to work with Bret Hart (the feud that put him on the map) without winning KOTR?

– If HHH wins KOTR and gets a singles push, do we ever get DX as we know it?  If so,  what are the ramifications of no DX in the late 90s?

– Was HHH ready for a top level push in 96?  If he fails, does he get “future endeavored” at some point?

Just a jumpoff point, go nuts.