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Hey Scott,

PhilippeTCA reporting from Las Vegas.

So with a rumor of Styles being offered a WWE contract, it got me to thinking.

Let's say that TNA folds within a year and you suddenly have a bunch of free agents now available.

1. Who do you bring in. And what's the order of importance, if any.
2. Do you do an invasion?
3. Do you put them all on Smackdown and let Heyman book again?
4. Do you need TNA to shutter to do any of this? Couldn't WWE just offer everyone a contract on the cheap, force them to shut down and buy the tape library? 
5. Is there any real money to be made from bringing back Bubba Ray et al? 
6. Bonus and Weird. Why doesn't TNA do a Wargames match and just give it a new name. Something like Battleground but more of a paradigm.

1.  Kurt Angle and Sting foremost, maybe Beer Money to fill up the midcard, but honestly everyone else is either too old or too small or both to conceivably be worth the investment at this point.  
2.  No point.
3.  This would presume that anyone cares about the TNA guys.
4.  That is how I presume it will go down when it does go down.
5.  Nope.  If there was they'd be there already.
6. They do, it's called Lethal Lockdown.