Vance Middle School and Ricky Morton

Vance Middle School  is where my sons went to middle school, and I can tell you, their gymnasium is more ghetto than your regular school gymnasium. The showers don’t always work unless you love cold showers, which ought to make for a fun experience for the TNA wrestlers once their match is over and they’re looking forward to a nice, hot shower. So if you really need a sign on how low TNA has sunk, here you go: they’re reduced to working in a outdated-by-30-years middle school gym with no working showers.
You might be interested in knowing that Ricky Morton himself lives in this area and works for Beau James’ Southern States Wrestling, and it’s quite the sight to see a 60-year Ricky barely being able to walk and with that ’80s mullet now pretty much half gray and half dingy yellow rather than blonde. Saw him at a local Food City once taking out every nickel and quarter he had in his pocket to be able to buy a pick of cigarettes.

And yet they haven’t brought in the Rock n Roll Express yet.  They can pay Ricky at LEAST smoke money.