RF Video Shoot Interview with Konnan, Volume 2

This interview was filmed in 2010. It ran at just under two hours long. It was a follow up to his first shoot from 2000.

The interview begins with his initial thoughts of TNA were that the idea of the weekly PPV was not a sound business plan and went there because he couldn’t get a job in WWE.

Initially, he thought that Jeff Jarrett was old-school as a booker and believed that he was trying to impress his dad but also said that he did not have a lot to work with and now, believes that he has evolved. He also puts over his improvement as a wrestler, noting that he use to be obnoxious, a terrible dresser and promo. Konnan believes that Jarrett has finally changed with the times, instead of being stuck in the 80’s and 90’s.
He thought that Jerry Jarrett was bringing in old ideas from the past that were dated. He believes that you can modify ideas from the past to have them work today but you just can’t expect the fans to buy into stuff from the 70’s. He says that the business had passed him by.
When Jerry Jarrett sold TNA, Konnan thought TNA was getting a little better due to participating in less angles that he felt were corny, but at the end of the day, he felt that Dixie Carter was just like Eric Bischoff in a sense that they were excited to be around of wrestlers and given bad advice by people with hidden agendas. Konnan noted that Dixie was nice at the beginning but turned standoffish after finding out what the business is about.
His first gimmick in TNA was that he called out TNA for stealing from Lucha Libre with the X Division. He brought in guys that were fed to Jerry Lynn. Konnan tells us that Jerry Jarrett called Lynn the “dragon slayer” and that he kept telling Konnan to find more “dragons.” Konnan jokingly refers to Jarrett as “King Arthur” while telling this story.
After he wasn’t doing anything for a while and chilling with Ron Killings and BG James, he asked to be put together with them. He then tells the story from WCW when the “Filthy Animals” name became about when Disco Inferno would comment when guys like he and Rey came back late at night from clubbing.
Konnan goes back to WCW when Russo started out. He says that WCW was very clickish and that Bischoff’s guys would flat-out refuse to do things he said. Konnan also said that Russo would tell him that he was concerned about guys who were not getting over. Konnan puts him over for being open minded and wanting to push the envelope but felt he was burned out in TNA due to power struggles with Jarrett.
Konnan said that Juventud Guerrera got him heat when he first arrived after he didn’t take care of Jerry Lynn after hitting him with the Juvy Driver, leaving Lynn out for almost a year with injury. Konnan said that Juvy also got heat on himself in Mexico after he did an interview about how he was the only Mexican wrestler that they cared about in the U.S. because he spoke English. When Juvy returned to Mexico, Abismo Negro saw him in the locker room and kicked his ass.
Konnan is now asked about the incident between Juvy and Jack Evans. He first gives us the backstory of how the heat began when Juvy was selfish in the ring and wouldn’t sell anything and treated Jack and Teddy Hart like jabroni’s. Konnan said that he just got back to AAA at that point and although he wasn’t booking, he was acting like a consultant and told Juvy that Teddy and Jack looked up to him and to help them out. The day before of the incident in question, Sean Waltman put shit in Juvy’s bag during his match. Waltman did this after Juvy did an interview in the United States were he said that Waltman attempted suicide. At the time, Waltman was living in Mexico with his girlfriend, Alicia Webb, and her son, who Sean spent a lot of time with. Anyway, the boy’s biological father was looking for him and apparently got hold of this interview and showed it to a judge and after that, they had to go to court and the boy’s father won custody. After his match, Juvy opened the bag and flipped out, like a “straight up bitch” dumping the shit on the floor and yelling that Konnan did this. Juvy’s girlfriend Lizzy Valentine was flipping out too. Konnan claims that despite being pissed at Juvy, Waltman would shake his hand, unlike Konnan, who states that if he is pissed at you he will brush you away. Juvy then went to confront Konnan, who blew him off, and Juvy thought for sure that it was Konnan. The next day, Konnan was sitting backstage with a lot of English speaking wrestlers and Juvy started to flip out and swear “Indian style,” which meant that he threw together a bunch of words that do not fit together. Konnan said that he had enough and got up but Juvy grabbed a chair. Jack Evans, who was sitting on a stage, jumped off and kicked the chair out of Juvy’s hands and cracked him in the face. Juvy was stunned and tried to fit back but Jack was unloading. Konnan said that when he went to separate them he was pushing Juvy aside and as that happened, Evans grabbed Juvy’s head and kneed him in the face, breaking his nose.
Back to TNA, he is asked about several workers. He liked Super Crazy, who he knew from Promo Azteca. Konnan said that his weight and lack of charisma kept him from being a bigger star.
Konnan is then asked about the Mexicools in the WWE. He said that they might as well have been called the “Bean Burritos” but now says that they have evolved with the Alberto Del Rio character, an aristocrat who looks down on Americans. He then says that a writer who was there at the time told him that they were in a writers meeting with Vince McMahon when the Mexicools gimmick was created. A writer suggested the name, stating that they should be cool Mexicans and Vince thought that since his landscapers were Mexican, that they should come out on ride-on lawnmowers.
He is now asked on a comment that Russo made about how American’s do not want to see Lucha. Konnan said that he is wrong and that Russo does not speak for every fan, stating they liked Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. He then offers a comparison about how he does not like Garth Brooks, but ten million people buy his album so who is he to say that people do not like him.
When asked what led to the downfall of WCW, Konnan said that there were many factors. He also said that Eric Bischoff should take some blame for his failures, seeing as he has no problem taking credit for what worked.  
Konnan is now asked if Russo is overrated or underrated as a booker. He said he didn’t impress him too much but wasn’t around him when he had success in the WWF so it is hard to say.
He is asked about Dusty Rhodes as a booker. Konnan said that growing up in Miami, Rhodes was as big a star as LeBron James is now. But as a booker, Konnan said that he didn’t know the wrestlers names and would do things to get himself over like surrounded himself with women.
Next he talks about Three Live Krew. He said that he thought of the name due to being a fan of the rap group “Two Live Crew” as a kid. When Billy Gunn came into the company, they broke up the trio as BG went with Gunn. He then said that Jarrett didn’t want him and Killings teaming together so Killings asked to team with Jeff Hardy, as the two were close friends. Jarrett wouldn’t put him with Hardy either and Konnan said that he was very vocal about wanting to do the LAX so they let him do that as Killings floundered. Konnan believes that Jarrett has a personal problem with Killings.
Konnan is asked about Monty Brown. He said that he was extremely talented but TNA cut his nuts off as soon as he was getting over big by putting him with Jarrett’s stable. He said that was done by Jarrett, who wanted to show everyone that he is the star of the company. Konnan also said that Brown quit TNA due to dealing with racism.
He is asked about his first appearance for Ring of Honor in 2002. He said he went in and did not know what the product was about. He went against the SAT’s and backstage, one of them tried to put him on his shoulders to practice a move but he was way too big and obvious that they couldn’t pull it off. He then said that one of them forgot the first spot then fucked up the second and the match fell apart from there. The crowd shitted all over Konnan.
He is asked about Shane Douglas. Konnan calls him a cool dude, who was witty and passionate. He also believes that he had some substance abuse issues when he was in TNA (Which Shane himself had confirmed). He also recalls the spot in which Douglas puked in the ring.
Konnan is asked if Jarrett pushed himself too hard at the beginning. Konnan said that he did but in the early days, they had no stars. Konnan tells a story about being in Australia for WWA. He said that Jarrett wrestled Nathan Jones, who Konnan said was a nice guy, and just went out there and beat him. Konnan was perplexed that Jarrett wouldn’t want to do something so he could go back to Australia for a future match, due to the size and look of Jones.
He is asked about his relationship with Raven. Konnan said that Raven has always been condescending, which is something he can deal with, but likes to talk to him even though they have had a tumultuous relationship. Konnan said that Jarrett prevented Raven from becoming a bigger star in TNA when he took control. Konnan said that Raven went to Dixie Carter and buried Jeff Jarrett and Bob Ryder and that Jarrett never forgot that.
Konnan is asked about LAX. He said that he always wanted Homocide as part of the group. He originally wanted Apolo but he no-showed a bunch of dates and that was the end of that. Konnan also wanted Low-Ki but said that Dutch Mantell had heat with him. Konnan said that Low-Ki has heat with a lot of people and that he refuses to kiss anyone’s ass either, which does not help in the wrestling business.
Next, Konnan is asked how Dixe Carter is not able to see problems that are clearly evident, even to the fans watching. Konnan said that Dixie’s head is in the sand when a problem arises and she tells people to deal with their problems instead of trying to help. Konnan also says that she is the daughter of a multi-billionaire and that it is not her money, just like Bischoff in WCW.
Konnan thinks that Jeremy Borash is talented in what he does but that he always makes sure to latch on to the person in power. He said that he rode Russo’s nuts while in WCW.
He likes Samoa Joe and says that TNA dropped the ball with him and says that he should go to the WWE. He thought Team Canada was easy to work with.
When asked if people are underpaid in TNA, Konnan says yes. He said that guys like AJ Styles and Kazarian might me making more than when they first started but only the top guys are getting any money. He said it is frustrating to be told that there is no money for a raise then see them bring in the Dudleys, Christian, and Kurt Angle. He said that was one of the main reasons as to why he quit.
He thinks that it is a double-edged sword when it comes to TNA going after ex-WWE guys. Sometimes, it can make viewers turn in and think it is cool to see someone but other times, it comes off desperate when they go after guys who were lower card in the WWE.
Konnan calls Kevin Nash a master politician. He also says that Nash was bad for the X Division, saying he got into that role when he had a heart condition and they didn’t believe him so he asked to help get the X Division over. Konnan said that he only wanted to get himself over.
He is asked about the death of Antonio Pena, the owner of the AAA promotion. Konnan said he was glad to reconcile with him before his death, saying it was very important to him. He puts over Pena for his passion and intelligence.
Konnan now talks about the birth of LAX. He said that he liked Homicide after seeing him work in Puerto Rico but had to fight to get him into TNA, as they thought he was too short and didn’t care for his physical appearance. He then put Hernandez in the group as they were not doing anything with him. Konnan said that he picked out the colors and even produced the rap song with someone.
When asked about Mick Foley in TNA, Konnan said that he was really funny at first then changed after that. Konnan said that he is a huge Foley fan then says that when people first arrive to TNA after being in the WWE, they are happy at the beginning with less politics and that they are not on the rode as much. Then after a while, they realize that this place isn’t major league and that fans will approach them and ask if they are still wrestling. Konnan then says that the stars usually go back after resting in TNA for a while before saying that Vince should let guys have a few months a year, in order to keep guys fresh.

Konnan said he got along with Cornette in TNA. He said he was loud and funny. When asked about Cornette and Russo in TNA, he said that Jarrett and Dutch Mantell acted as buffers between them.

While doing Spanish commentary, Konnan said that he would bury guys he didn’t like and put over guys that he did like.

Konnan said that never say never when it comes to TNA competing with the WWE but does not ever see that happening. He said that Dixie does not put in the time and effort that Vince does with the WWE. He also said that Dixie has the wrong people around her.

Konnan said that both TNA and WWE need to get over the bullshit that you need to be tall and jacked to wrestle and go after guys in RoH and Dragon Gate. He said that if he was TNA, he would bring in Pac and Ibushi, saying that people want to see athletic matches and knows that it is exciting to watch and different. He said part of why he brought Lucha Libre to the U.S. was to counter the slow and lumbering style that the fans were used to at the time.

When asked if Paul Heyman could turn around TNA, Konnan thinks that TNA should have brought him in and let him do whatever he wanted. Konnan said that ECW was cool and different and thought he could come in and change things because he can think outside of the box. He also mentions how he never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Konnan is asked what made him leave TNA. He said the main factor was that he never got a raise as he was constantly told that there was no money, despite being there for five years. One time, he got pissed and did an interview bad-mouthing TNA and after that, Jarrett told him that he wasn’t going to get a raise if he kept acting like that and after that, Konnan brought up to Jeff how he was always told that there was not any money for a raise. He also claims that at one point LAX was selling the most merchandise.

He is now asked to elaborate on the racism in TNA. He recalls a story of how once at a meeting, Scott D’Amore asked to bring in D’Lo Brown and was told by an executive that “you want to go the nigger route.” He also said that Ron Killings was told not to act like an “uppity nigger” and that when Konnan himself missed a show, an executive reportedly said that they could easily replace him with any “drunk Puerto Rican in the park.” Konnan puts over how he never used racial slurs to describe anyone and that in TNA, executives would joke about minorities on a frequent basis.

Up next is Konnan’s beef with Vampiro. He said that they are cool now and that it started when they were top starts in Mexico. Konnan also puts over how Vampiro is constantly full of shit and that he lives on the same planet of oblivion as Juvy, Brian Christopher, and Teddy Hart when it comes to being delusional about the amount that they have with people and the bullshit that they spew.

Konnan also talks about Vampiro’s story about being kidnapped and how he is full of shit. He does this by going over Vampiro’s claim that some guys broke through his front door then knocked on his bedroom door. After that, he jumped through the window and saw some police that were driving by. He also said that he broke his back then two weeks later he said that he was pushing his girl home from school.

Eddie Guerrero’s death is discussed next. He said he found out when he was at the Double Tree Hotel in Orlando when Dixie told him. She asked him if he wanted to take the night off but he said no, that Eddie would have wanted him to work. Konnan puts over how Eddie was being worked to death and was constantly in pain. He also said that Eddie broke down from the stress and that he was always being told by management how he was not drawing.

He is talked about the angle with Randy Orton spitting on Eddie’s low rider after his death. Konnan siad tat he was bothered by that stuff and knows some of the writers that were there and that the wrestlers and even Stephanie and HHH were all against this but that Vince thought it would get heat and work out.

Konnan is asked about Rey’s push. He said that they do not push him right and that he is a draw to kids. Konnan also says that Rey is also hurt because he cannot cut a good promo. He also said that Rey once told Vince that he was quitting then they brought in Stephanie and the writers and Vince told them to do whatever made Rey happy.

Next is Konnan’s hip replacement surgery. He said that TNA refused to pay for his surgery, saying that he came into the company with the injury. Konnan claims that he had a minor injury that got a lot worse over time when he was wrestling for TNA. He said the insurance he had through TNA had him pay for everything up front then he would get reimbursed at 75%. Konnan then said that he had to sign an agreement with TNA that he would payback the $18,000 it cost for his surgery. He then points out how Ron Killings got hurt and needed surgery after he was sent to work for another promotion by TNA and they made him do the same thing but when Scott Steiner got hurt in Puerto Rico, TNA paid for everything. He says he is not saying this crying racism but just wants to know why they paid for Steiner and not for he and Killings.

He then talks about his kidney surgery. He said that when they went to operate on his hip, he was told that his kidneys were failing and that he needed dialysis and could not wait. He said at first, his body rejected the kidney and that he was doing awful. He was in a hospital in Tijuana and then went to another facility that was private. He also said that he was constantly getting mobbed in Tijuana, putting over how wrestling is bigger there than the U.S.

He said that he went to WWE and spoke with John Laurinatis about he LAX gimmick before he pitched the idea in TNA. He said that John told him that he was too old then Konnan said he was the same age as Booker T. He then said that Bruce Prichard hated him because he was mad that when Konnan called, he was under the impression that Bruce knew who he was. Konnan said that he was asked to send in a tape.

Konnan talks about how WWE wanted to buy AAA. He said that Bruce Prichard went down and told them that Vince offered a 51/49 split and when asked why, Prichard said that Vince doesnt like to answer to others. Konnan said he told the owner of AAA, Dorian Roldan,, that what will happen is that Vince will buy the company and slowly get rid of everyone.

When asked about congress ever regulating pro wrestling, he said that they called him after the Benoit tragedy. He believed that it would have been good and though that Henry Waxman originally headed it up but then it stopped.

He thinks that MMA and Wrestling can learn from each other but that the companies are too stubborn.

He puts over AAA for having a lot of talent right now. He also said when he left with the other luchadores for WCW in 1996, they used a lot of cheaper talent that was not as good. He says that now, the storylines are better and that they have agents. He believes that if they come to the United States, they can do well with the Hispanic population.

Konnan said that he now helps with booking, writing, and producing in AAA. He puts over Fenix and Daga, who he calls almost a mirror image of Bryan Danielson, as the two biggest stars for the future.

When it comes to Teddy Hart, he said he wished he was warned about him before hand. Konnan said that he was grateful for Stu Hart when he was in Calgary and always friendly with Bret. He said when Teddy came to AAA, he gave Konnan some pot and asked where he wanted to smoke. Teddy also told Konnan that he had been celibate for over a year and that they had to get rid of him due to all of the crazy shit that he pulled.

He then talks about how the Swine Flu killed the business for a few months as everyone was afraid of catching the illness.

Konnan is now asked about Juvy’s comments about how he only brought in Mexican talents to WCW to get himself over. He talks about how he brought Rey Mysterio, Psychosis, La Parka, and Juvy to AAA. He then said when Paul Heyman asked him about Rey and Psychosis, Konnan said that they can blow away anything else they had in the locker room. Then in WCW, he came in and requested that Psychosis come in and work with him. He then said that he had to really fight to bring in Rey and Juvy. When Rey first got to WCW, everyone laughed and joked that they were starting a midget division. Konnan said that he only saw two standing ovations from the locker room and both times involved Rey. They were his debut match against Dean Malenko and his Halloween Havoc match against Eddy Guerrero.

When asked what the business is lacking today, Konnan said that they should go behind the scenes more like UFC does, when it comes to how hard they train and also to show a little bit of the inner workings of the business. He then puts over how he is a fan of high flyers and good workers and that would help.

Konnan now discusses the impact of the drug cartels in Mexico. He said that it does hurt business because you cannot go into the certain parts of the country. He said that before the new political party took over, the prior party negotiated with the drug dealers so they would not participate in any mass murders or anything else. When the new party took over, they declared war on the drug cartels and from those cartels, some of the younger people split off and went out on their own and started up with mass murders and other violent tactics.

When asked about Hulk Hogan, he said that he never really hung out with him. He always thought his character was cheezy but that Hogan was always cool with him.

Konnan likes Alberto Del Rio and thinks he has a lot of tools. He thinks that Sin Cara should have went to FCW to learn to work and now he is struggling in the ring.

He is asked about overrated/underrated guys. He says that Low Ki and Austin Aries are underrated.

Konnan puts over how he always loved the junior heavyweights and tell a story about how Kevin Nash told him that when they see a guy like Rey Mysterio, their first thought is that they can kick his ass. Konnan told him that when they see Rey, they see a guy who can do cool moves and no one thinks that they can kick his ass because none of it is real.

He says that the difference between fans from ten years ago to today is that they are harder to please and smarter today. In five years, he sees WWE still running strong and that TNA will still be running, stating that if they lasted this long they can maintain the same pace. He also hopes that he can bring AAA to the United States

Konnan said that if he was in charge today, he would let guys go in the ring. He said that a lot of fans are not getting to see what Bryan Danielson is capable of because the WWE is giving the fans the watered down version.

In regards to bringing AAA to the United States, Konnan said that he would also bring in “hot bitches,” midgets, as well as the best workers not in TNA or WWE. He would also show the behind the scenes stuff he was talking about

Final Thoughts: Good interview. Konnan always says what is on his mind and does offer a lot of insight into the business. He also let us know about all of the backstage stuff that happened in the earlier days of TNA, which if it is true, makes it seem even worse than we thought. He looked really bad in this interview, as his skin was discolored and his kidneys were still in rough shape, but at least looks a little bit better today. I recommend this interview, which was a follow up to his first shoot.

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