The Ultimate Warrior in the HOF

Hey Scott, there's news out today of the WWE releasing a three disc DVD, two disc blu-ray, set about the Ultimate Warrior, with the Warrior possibly being interviewed and involved in the set. The set comes out in April 2014. This news, along with the thawing of relations between Warrior and Vince McMahon, make it seem like there's a good possibility that Warrior goes in the HOF in 2014. This got me thinking, with all the Authority stuff and Triple H self-aggrandizement that is happening, wouldn't it be great if the Warrior ran out and attacked Triple H at Wrestlemania 30 during whatever match HHH is in, followed by the Warrior no-selling the pedigree, just like at Wrestlemania 12, then beating the hell out of HHH, causing HHH to be pinned by whoever his opponent is? I think that would be a great cap to the "HHH is the greatest ever" angle, and an excellent little easter egg for long time fans. What do you think?

After careful consideration, I'm gonna have to go with "No."