2 Question

Hi Scott, enjoy your stuff

I was wondering since you mainly commented on the post-match promo from Hogan, what did you think of the quality of the Bash at the Beach '96 main event? I'm thinking like ***1/2 but that probably is a little high.

Also, other than possibly HBK, do you think Gold Dust's current return is the only time a wrestler has returned and has been seemingly a better wrestler?


Yeah, I was too busy losing my mind at the time, but ***1/4 or so sounds about right to me.  

As for the second one, Randy Savage was certainly a SMARTER worker when he returned in 1991, although that was not exactly a lengthy absence.  I'd say Brock Lesnar is 100% more effective as a worker in his limited role.  Goldust is certainly one of the most unique cases, in that he's managed to totally reinvent himself in the role that we keep wishing all the old guys would take on — the mentor using his old school training to build up his younger brother.