WWF Livewire 96- Russo, McMahon, Cornette, Heyman etc – great video

Hi Scott,

Hope all is well!  I wanted to share this video with the blog o' doom.
I hadn't seen this since it aired live in the fall of 1996 but it's so fascinating watching all these personalities on one live show (WWF Livewire on USA).

You have Cornette and Russo shooting on each other, Sunny ripping Sable legit, McMahon talking dirt on Bischoff, Ross, Turner, and his thoughts on a WWF Network Channel (in 96), and even a call from Paul Heyman claiming his concepts are being stolen. Such a nice blend of shoot and fabrication in a very stale 96. It is awkward but compelling tv before they decided to finally strip things down and get edgy with Raw is War in 97.  

Oh man, the Paul Heyman audio run-in was EPIC.  Didn't he do a fake name once too, calling in as "Bruce P. from Hartford" or something like that?  Good times.