80's Wrestling Entrance Themes

Hey Scott, hope all is well.
I was burning some time away on a Saturday night on You Tube (for all of those with young kids, you will understand) contemplating my favorite WWE entrance theme ever.  I got into some old ones from the 80’s (Demolition, Strike Force, Hogan, Warrior, the old Hart Foundation, etc.), and then ran across one gem, the Rougeau Brothers (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIFhXX12-PI).  It got me thinking about their characters and their run in the old WWF, but how in the world were these guys not given an opportunity with the Tag-Team titles?!?!?  With Jimmy Hart, those handheld American flags they would carry to the ring, their squirrely promos, and the fact that both  Jacques and Raymond Rougeau could go in the ring (their finishing move was the tits), I just don’t understand how Vince didn’t give them a shot.  You may have addressed this previously, but I thought they both could be huge heels prior to  Raymond Rougeau becoming the Mountie.  Any thoughts?
Jacques was the Mountie, Raymond was the dorky announcer.
And technically they DID win the tag titles in Toronto (or maybe Montreal, I forget which) from the Harts in 87, but it was returned on a technicality.  I guess based on the flimsy whims of the blog, THAT would be a unification too.  OH YEAH I WENT THERE.
Honestly, in today’s climate, they totally would have gotten a run with the belts in the All American Boys period.  Although by late 88 Jacques’ back was pretty shot and he was out for a long time during their hottest period.  But really, are you gonna put them over DEMOLITION in 1988?  I think not.  Any other team unlucky enough to be in title contention during that reign was pretty much SOL.

Edit:  Oddly, just after this e-mail, someone ELSE sent me THIS one… Scott, Thought this was interesting. Quoting from The Rougeaus’ Wikipedia entry: “The Rougeaus actually won the WWF Tag Team Championship on August 10, 1987 at the Forum, defeating The Hart Foundation. Jimmy Hart, the Hart Foundation’s manager, tried to interfere on their behalf with his signature foreign object, a megaphone. The megaphone was intercepted by the Rougeaus, who used it to get the pin and win the titles. They were announced as the new tag team champions, but the decision was later reversed and their title win is not recognized by the WWE.” And here’s footage of the win: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzGQ1o4P4Hw