Austin Heel turn day

Hi Scott,

I'm sure you're loving these questions today. I actually get Vince's motivation for teaming with his arch-enemy. For someone with as large an ego as Mr McMahon, having your nemesis come to you on his knees and ask you for help must have been extremely rewarding (he probably wishes Turner had come crawling to him to buy him out). Plus, he couldn't beat Austin, so he might as well join him.

What I didn't get about the angle is what was HHH's motivation to team with Austin? After all, he once paid someone off to try and run Austin over and kill him (then Austin returned the favor by dropping HHH from the top of crane). When he came out to confront Austin the night after Wrestlemania, the crowd was ready to embrace him before he attacked the Rock. The end point for the Power Trip seemed to be Austin v. HHH, but why have them team up in the first place?

Because Austin taped the Mr. Olympia finals for him the week before, and earned HHH's lifelong gratitude as a result.