“What if” Vinces failures…

“What if” time mofos.  If you read this blog consistently, you might have picked up on the fact that Vincent Kennedy McMahon absolutely fascinates me. He’s an eccentric and egomanical over the top genius, encapsulated in a circus like wrestling bubble where he hold all the power.  Everything about him interests me…his psyche, his decision making and thought process, his ego, his obsession with bodybuilding, his apparent embarrassment about being a wrestling promoter, his obsession with making fun of JR, etc.  This question will explore some of those things.

What if Vince McMahons non wrestling ventures, primarily the WBF, XFL, WWE movies, had been truly successful and significantly profitable?  How would this have effected the WWE?
Things to consider
– Quick facts and time references: according to Wiki, the WBF was in business from mid 1990-1992.  The XFL, from 2000-2001.  WWE films was established in 2002.
– Would a WBF, XFL, or a WWE film boom have helped WWE, if so to what extent?   Does it become easier for the wrestling product to get mainstream acceptance, attract celebrity big names to participate,  etc.  
– Would Vince become so enamored with another promotional success that he loses focus on the WWE?  If so, to what extent?   Would the product suffer?  Would he have given the reigns to Shane or Steph or try and do everything himself?
– Did the XFL, WBF, or WWE movies ever have a shot in hell at becoming long term sustainable entities?   How much stigma was attached to them for being associated with a “wrasslin” company?
– Lastly, and most interesting to me, would Vince have bailed on WWE as soon as he recognized he could be profitable in a different industry?  Is Vince really embarrassed to be a wrasslin promoter as people claim?

Just a jumpoff, go nuts.

Side Vince tangent…how fucking weird is it that the guy gets pissed off about not being able to control his sneezing?  I’ve been getting into Kellers podcasts with ex wwe writers and the fucking amount of random quirky
stories they tell about Vince is just mind boggling.