A+ Match of the Day

One of the readers had the idea of throwing up a Royal Rumble every couple of days for discussion and I say why the hell not.

We’ll start with my personal favorite of the early Rumbles, the 1990 edition, which had some incredible crowd heat and notable appearances. A couple of things to watch for here:

— Andre the Giant’s last real great effort. Because of the battle royale format it’s a little under appreciated but Andre sells his ass off (especially for Bret Hart at times) and moves fairly well. He got eliminated the right way and managed to subtly put some guys over.

— The crowd heat when Piper enters the match is just crazy to listen to and Piper might have been coked out of his mind because he entered that match with some ridiculous energy.

— All things led to the infamous showdown and most of you know about that one. Extremely well booked Rumble with few slow spots. Enjoy.