A+ Match of the Day

I was thinking about plugging this one in yesterday but you guys were going to have a full plate watching a shitty RAW or a blowout in the football game so I figured I would save it for today.

This is one of my all-time favorite matches up until the lack of a finish. I understand the lack of a finish because they needed to protect Warrior. Of course there is also the big rumor that Warrior was supposed to turn heel here and take the strap but flaked out at the end and left us with the non-finish we got.

So here it is, a match I gave ****1/2 on review and liked more than their Wrestlemania VII encounter from the terms of the in-ring action (nothing will ever beat the WM storyline and payoff). For the WWF Title, Randy Savage vs. The Ultimate Warrior at Summerslam 1992 in London, England!