Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers,

Hope everyone had a great weekend and are gearing up for the December holidays. My husband thinks I go overboard during Christmas and he’s right because I just love this time of year and god bless him he lets me indulge with our Christmas lights display and my need to have two Christmas trees in the house. The only thing he doesn’t let me do is dress up our dobermans. As he said, no one fears a doberman wearing a collar with christmas bells on it. Fair enough.

Anyway we’ve got one hell of a football game for Monday Night and surely another RAW that might feature a good Punk or Bryan match and maybe good Punk AND Bryan matches if we’re lucky.

My main concern with the WWE isn’t so much about how bad the current product is but hoping that they don’t fuck up the Royal Rumble. I still look forward to the Rumber, even more than Wrestlemania. I still think, in many ways, it’s heavily under promoted and it’s the best way to push someone. If these guys are serious about Reigns and Big E Langston getting real pushes that the crowd can get behind the Rumble is the easiest place to establish it. Whatever happens in December seems fairly irrelevant, I don’t think there’s been a relevant December angle since the HHH-Stephanie marriage stuff so waste whatever low buyrate show you have on Big Show but please don’t fuck up the Rumble.

Anyway I hope all of you enjoy the show, come out swinging and try to keep it clean.