Dvd edits

Hi Scott,

Hope you're well, 2 questions for your (and the bod commenters) consideration:

#1 Best or favourite Scott Hall/Razor Ramon match that didn't include a Kliq member?

#2 WWE ppv edits. Ive read that some dvd sets have bad editing, while other (apart from the blurring) are pretty much left intact. Are there many dvd releases that have some terrible post production editing? I heard that the Brock/Goldberg match on some versions has the crowd boos edited and some don't, head that one of the Wrestlemania anthologies has some blatant editing, I read that match where Dawn Marie did a lesbian gesture was removed etc. I guess just some thoughts and opinions on this.

Take care and keep up the good work,

Scott Bee

#1.  Man, that rules a LOT of stuff out.  I'd say either Bret Hart at Rumble 93 or the IC title win over Rick Martel.  
#2.  The match with the "lesbian gesture" was the Mickie v. Trish match at Wrestlemania which they indeed edited out. I honestly don't see much post-production "fixing" anymore, as they seem to be content to let history play out these days.