Bash at the Beach 1998

at the Beach 1998
Date: July 12, 1998
Location: Cox
Arena, San Diego, California
Attendance: 10,095
Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan 
Reviewed by Tommy Hall 
is all about the celebrities as the main event is DDP/Karl Malone vs.
Hollywood Hogan/Dennis Rodman. We’ve also got football player Kevin
Greene vs. the Giant in what was supposed to be a tag match. Their
original partners are in a world title match as new champion Goldberg
defends against Curt Hennig. The midcard matches should be solid,
meaning this has potential to be something good. Let’s get to it.

opening video focuses on the three major matches tonight with some
shots of the beach cut in as well.
set is the usual intricate beach setting with sand, lifeguard towers
and beach balls. The announcers wearing hula shirts is a nice touch
as well.
get an intro from the announcers, bragging about all the media
attention the show has been getting. Nothing wrong with that.
in a white tuxedo, hypes up the hotline.
vs. Saturn
Raven’s Rules of course. Saturn is in trunks now instead of jeans.
Raven of course has Riggs and Lodi with him, the latter being dressed
like Hat Guy. Saturn meets him in the aisle to start and whips Raven
into the barricade very hard. He chokes Raven with the shirt and
takes it inside for the first time. Saturn slips on the top for a
bit but comes back with a quick missile dropkick to put Raven down.
An ankle lock is quickly broken by Raven grabbing the ropes, even
though there are no rules so there’s nothing the referee can threaten
Saturn with.
avoids a legdrop and hits a quick knee lift to put Saturn down for a
breather. It’s already table time (Tony: “He’s got a chair.”)
but Raven gets crotched while trying to suplex Saturn over the top
and through the table. They head to the floor with Raven hitting the
Russian legsweep into the barricade for two, even with Raven’s feet
on the ropes. Raven’s sleeper is countered by a jawbreaker and both
guys are down again. Saturn is up first for some kicks in the corner
and a suplex to take over.
it’s chair time (complete with jokes from Heenan at Tony’s expense)
with Saturn hitting a spinning springboard legdrop onto Raven onto
the chair for two. Saturn takes out Riggs and Lodi but crushes Nick
Patrick in the corner with a springboard leg lariat in the corner.
Out to the floor again with Raven being bulldogged into the steps.
sets up another table next on top of the original with Raven in
between but here’s Kanyon to turn on Saturn, pulling Raven out from
between the tables. We hit the shades of gray as Kanyon takes Raven
inside and gives him the Flatliner onto the chair. Riggs rolls in
Saturn and puts Raven on top for two. Saturn comes back with a Death
Valley Driver to Riggs but the Even Flow is enough for the pin for
C. The match was fun but as
usual, they’re not actually going anywhere with all this stuff. So
many of the feuds just go in circles and that doesn’t help anyone at
all in the end. Kanyon and Saturn need to do something soon to
capitalize on all these awesome moments they’ve had but it seems like
they’re going to be doing the same stuff they’ve been doing for
Eddie to talk about Chavo’s match with Stevie Ray before his hair vs.
hair match with Eddie. This is the first mention of Stevie being
involved in the PPV, which might be a good idea. Eddie says Stevie
is going to destroy Chavo and Eddie will pick up the pieces.
Guerrera vs. Kidman
this supposed to be Juvy vs. Reese II? Kidman looks much cleaner
than usual. They lock up to start with Kidman taking over with a
headlock. Both guys hit the ropes a few times and they flip to a
stalemate. Kidman gets chopped against the ropes and takes down by a
headscissors. Lodi pulls Juvy to the floor for a quick beating but
Kidman takes out his Flock mate on a dive. Guerrera slides back in
and hits a HUGE dive to take both guys down.
in and Kidman slams him down before taking it right back to the
floor. Juvy is dropped throat first across the barricade but Kidman
misses a charge off the apron to send himself crashing into the
barricade as well. They head to the apron with Juvy hitting a sunset
bomb to slam Kidman onto the floor again. The fans of course get on
Lodi instead of paying attention to the match.
throws him inside again and stomps Kidman in the corner a bit before
loading up a top rope hurricanrana. Kidman counters with a low blow
and a top rope sitout spinebuster for a big crash and two. Back up
and Kidman chops away but gets rolled up for two. They head to the
corner again and Kidman gets crotched on the top rope, allowing Juvy
to hit a springboard hurricanrana for a close two. Kidman’s middle
rope bulldog gets the same and they trade rollups for two. The Juvy
Driver gets two but Kidman slams him down to set up the Seven Year
Itch. Juvy rolls away at the last second though and it’s the 450 for
the pin.
B-. Good match here as you
would expect from these guys. It’s nowhere near their best but it’s
better than Reese vs. Juvy would have been. This would have been a
good choice for the opener as the fans got into it, even though a lot
of their heat was directed at Lodi. Fun stuff.
is on, talking about his family eating fish tacos.
Ray vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
is a result of a one off conversation between these two on Nitro.
Chavo has a Super Soaker and an inflatable duck around his waist.
Eddie comes out to watch so Chavo dedicates the match to him. Chavo
avoids contact for awhile before offering a handshake. Stevie shakes
his hand…..and Chavo submits. For some reason, Stevie is mad even
though he won.
for the hair vs. hair match and Eddie is livid.
Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
gets a haircut. They lock up to start and Eddie leapfrogs him, only
to be bitten on the tights, sending him out to the floor. Back in
and Eddie asks the referee to look at the injury but Charles Robinson
is just fine thank you. Now Chavo wants to dance a bit. A
frustrated Eddie kicks the turnbuckle and injures his foot, sending
him out to the floor. Eddie throws in a chair but Chavo sits down in
it and asks Eddie to come in. Things settle down a bit and Eddie
gets on his knees to ask for a handshake. Chavo takes his hand and
pulls Eddie into a clothesline as we actually get going.
hides in the corner at the referee’s knees but gets bitten again as
the comedy continues. Eddie finally dropkicks the knee out and sends
Chavo into the corner to take over. Some shoulders to Chavo’s back
in the corner have him in even more trouble and a gutbuster puts him
down again. A low dropkick sets up a slingshot hilo to stay on
Chavo’s back and the nephew is in trouble. There’s the Gory Special
in the middle of the ring but Chavo gets his legs free, only to be
clotheslined right back down.
hit a camel clutch on Chavo for a bit before Eddie fires off some
chops against the ropes. Chavo avoids a dropkick and scores with a
tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to put Eddie down. Eddie pulls the trunks
to send Chavo to the floor and pulls back the mats. The brainbuster
is countered though and Chavo suplexes him down onto the exposed
concrete. Back in and Chavo goes up again but gets crotched down,
setting up an Eddie superplex to put both guys down.
up and Chavo launches Eddie over his head and face first into the
turnbuckle but Chavo’s frog splash hits knees. Eddie’s tornado DDT
(Chavo’s finisher) puts Chavo down and Eddie goes for the scissors.
That’s not cool with Little Naitch so Eddie tries the frog splash to
a similar result. Now Chavo goes for the scissors but the referee
takes them away, allowing Eddie to get a rollup for the pin.
B-. To no surprise, this was a
good match. Chavo has grown up a lot in this feud and the matches
are getting better and better every time. I’m digging Chavo being
crazy yet brilliant with stuff like the handshake submission earlier.
He’s gone from nothing to an interesting character which was the
idea all along.
match Chavo grabs the electric clippers and shaves his own hair off.
He offers to cut Eddie’s as well so they can be twins. Chavo: “You
don’t want to cut my hair? What a psycho!” Chavo cuts his own
hair and shaves the whole thing off.
get an odd few moments during the haircut as Tony talks like the main
event is up next before going into a full recap of Jericho vs.
Malenko. Instead of either of those, we get this.
Inferno vs. Konnan
is a bonus match and Disco is officially from FUNKYTOWN. Before the
match, Alex and Disco imitate Konnan in an unfunny bit. Nash and
Luger come out with Konnan which is some serious overkill. They’re
just a comedy tag team guys. Nash and Konnan do their full entrances
and talking bits as we’re clearly filling time now.
takes him down with ease and stomps on Disco’s back. An X-Factor and
the rolling lariat put Inferno down again but Wright pulls him to the
floor for an attack. Luger Racks Alex, allowing Nash to Jackknife
Disco. Konnan puts on the Tequila Sunrise for the easy submission.
That’s three people interfering in a two minute match with no
backstory for those of you keeping track. This is why we needed
another NWO group?
Greene vs. The Giant
is very fired up here. He rolls away from Giant to start and sneaks
in a slap to the face. Giant growls at him so Kevin bails to the
floor. Greene kicks the ropes to crotch Giant as they come back in
before pounding away in the corner. The fans are into this and it
helps that Greene could probably get a job on his looks and charisma
alone. Giant catches him in a bearhug though and spinebusts him down
to take over.
Goldberg chant starts up so Giant pounds Greene in the head out of
anger. Back up and Giant chops away as Tony talks about the Georgia
Dome show getting 39,919 people. Every source I can find says it was
over 40,000, so why would WCW understate it? I’ve never understood
Greene snaps Giant’s throat across the ropes but gets headbutted
right back down. They head to the floor with Giant going face first
into the barricade a few times before heading back inside. Kevin
hits a top rope forearm to drop Giant for two and it’s time to go for
the knees. That lasts about two seconds before Greene charges into a
chokeslam in the corner for the pin.
C+. That’s on a very adjusted
scale considering that Greene isn’t a wrestler. Factoring that in,
this was some very impressive stuff. Greene looked completely
comfortable out there and there wasn’t a single time there where he
looked lost. If he wasn’t an incredible football player, he had a
career in wrestling for sure. Entertaining stuff here again.
says Goldberg doesn’t have the heart to beat him.
recap Jericho vs. Malenko with a video from Nitro, showing Malenko
getting handcuffed for attacking Jericho after the insults about
Dean’s dad.
still don’t know who Jericho’s opponent is tonight so he comes to the
ring with a cane while wearing a top hat as he promised to do. He
teases a softshoe but here’s JJ to interrupt. Dillon thinks he might
have made a mistake about Jericho, but we have an opponent. He
hasn’t been in the ring in six months, but it’ll be a No DQ match
like it was supposed to be with Malenko. Jericho: “Bring out the
Title: Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.
is clearly limping on the way to the ring but has a VERY muscular
physique. Rey fires off forearms in the corner and dropkicks Chris
into the ropes. Jericho bails to the floor for a breather but comes
back in to go after the bad knee. They head up the aisle and fight
on the lifeguard’s before Rey hurricanranas him down onto the
“irritating” (Tony’s word) sand.
in and Jericho rolls through a high cross body for two before hitting
something like a top rope powerslam for no cover. Jericho grabs a
chair and goes after the knee but spends too long mocking Rey,
allowing Mysterio to get in some shots to Jericho’s knee. The West
Coast Pop is badly botched to the point it looks like a powerbomb on
Rey. He bails to the ropes to avoid the Liontamer but here’s the
suspended Dean Malenko. The distraction lets Rey snap off a
hurricanrana for the pin and the title.
D+. This didn’t work very well.
It’s not a horrible match but Rey looked very rusty out there. The
crowd was happy to see him, but they booked themselves into a corner
with Dean. He needs to get his revenge on Jericho and be done with
it but this just extends the story out even longer. Hopefully Rey
gets better with some more ring time.
match Dean chases Jericho to the back and Arn Anderson slows Jericho
down, allowing Malenko to get in some shots.
Title: Booker T vs. Bret Hart
is defending after being goaded into the match by some Bret chair
shots. Bret gets taken to the mat but comes back with right hands to
the face to take over. A snapmare gets two for Booker and he sends
Bret out to the floor. Bret comes back with a whip into the
barricade and we head back inside for the first shots at Booker’s
braced knee. Booker grabs a quick spinebuster for a floatover two
count but Bret backdrops out him out to the floor.
in and Bret stays on the knee before getting two off a Russian
legsweep. Booker gets stomped down in the corner but comes back with
a quick side kick and the flapjack. There’s the Spinarooni but
Booker doesn’t snap to his feet as he usually does. The missile
dropkick gets two as Bret gets his foot on the ropes. Bret goes
outside and grabs a chair to stop a diving Booker for a DQ.
D+. Well that happened. Really
there isn’t much else to say about this match. The match was just
there with Bret doing some stuff, Booker coming back, then Bret
ending it with the chair. Bret is probably at the top of the list of
guys who were wasted in WCW as he went from WWF Champion to losing in
a lower card title match inside of eight months. That’s impressive
even by WCW standards.
goes after the knee with the chair and cracks it over the exposed
knee cap. He hooks the Heartbreaker around the post and Stevie Ray
takes his sweet time in making the save.
on Goldberg’s big night on Monday.
World Title: Goldberg vs. Curt Hennig
Rude for the challenger tonight. Goldberg runs him over to start and
hits a kind of release belly to belly, sending Curt into the corner.
Goldberg uses his legs to take Hennig down and Curt bails to the
floor. Back in and Goldberg charges into a boot in the corner but
Hennig gets caught in a gorilla press powerslam. Curt goes after the
knee with a chop block and some cannonballs. The HennigPlex gets two
and it’s the spear and Jackhammer to retain the title.
D. You know all those other
Goldberg matches? Read whatever I said about any of those and swap
out whatever that opponent’s name for Curt Hennig.
recap the main event without words. Basically the basketball players
don’t like each other because they played in the finals twice in a
row and Hogan said some stuff about Page that DDP didn’t like.
Dallas Page/Karl Malone vs. Dennis Rodman/Hollywood Hogan
and Malone have matching attire, which look like they jumped into a
vat of hot glue with their jeans on. They come out to some hip hop
song that keeps saying “feel the bang.” Malone looks like he’s
been carved out of granite while Rodman is in a t-shirt and jeans.
The basketball players get us going but first Hogan has to take off
Rodman’s glasses. Rodman runs to the ropes to hide and the fans are
all over him. That works so well that they do it a second time. A
test of strength doesn’t happen as we hit two minutes into the match.
grabs a headlock but bails to the floor when Malone charges at him.
Off to Hogan for a posedown with Hollywood getting frustrated.
Malone hooks a kind of standing chinlock (imagine a left arm Rock
Bottom but he clasps his hands together and squeezes) before slamming
Hogan down. We’re five minutes in now and it’s off to Page. DDP
gets Rodman and shoves him down off a lockup. A shoulder puts Rodman
down again as the stalling continues. They spit at each other and
Rodman armdrags him down. Somehow we’re seven minutes into this
hit the ropes a bit and collide to send both guys down. Back to the
headlock by Rodman but Page reverses into one of his own. The fans
are clearly getting restless. Rodman leapfrogs Page twice and they
collide again to give us more laying down. Malone comes in and kicks
at Rodman, sending him over to Hogan for the tag. Karl hooks a top
wristlock and shoves Hogan to the mat. Hogan complains of a hair
pull and Rodman gets in a cheap shot to get to the whole tag match
idea for the first time.
chokes a lot and slams Malone down before raking the boot over
Malone’s eyes. Rodman comes in with some elbow drops before it’s
back to Hogan for a chinlock. Here’s Rodman again for some double
teaming and a belly to back suplex from Hogan. Hollywood misses an
elbow though and it’s hot tag to Page. DDP comes in with a top rope
clothesline to Hogan but a cheap shot from Rodman lets the NWO take
over again. Hogan chokes away in the corner with his boot followed
by a running clothesline.
comes in for a double big boot and more choking before it’s back to
Hogan for right hands in the corner. Page hits a quick elbow but
Rodman breaks up the tag attempt and puts on a front facelock.
Malone plays cheerleader on the apron and we get the unseen and
phantom tag tropes to space the match out even more. The big boot
puts Page down but he avoids the legdrop and it’s hot tag off to
all around put the NWO down and they both get slams. There’s a
double noggin knocker followed by Hogan’s head going into the buckle.
A big boot drops Hogan and it’s off to Page for a running Diamond
Cutter (Hogan landed on his hands, making the move look horrible).
Malone Diamond Cuts Rodman but Disciple sneaks in with a Stunner to
Page, giving Hogan the pin and a face pop for some reason.
F. This was about what you knew
it was going to be, though it could have been FAR worse. Malone was
clearly taking this seriously which is more than you can say for most
celebrities in matches. Rodman looked like your usual celebrity
wrestler: decent at the one or two really basic moves he used but
pretty worthless otherwise. I’ve read before that this was
originally booked to go nearly an hour, which makes me shiver in
fear. I guess Hogan needed this win as a thank you for the
mainstream attention he brought in?
gives Disciple and the referee Diamond Cutters (good ones too) and
the NWO celebrates like this is a big deal.
announcers talk a bit to wrap things up.
C. This is the WCW PPV
formula but a better version than usual. The earlier stuff is mostly
good while the main events cripple it, though Goldberg’s match was
what the fans wanted to see and was executed as well as it could have
been. The problem with the company is the same as always though: the
main stories aren’t going anywhere. The tag match doesn’t change
anything here and everyone involved in it now needs to start a new
story. It’s a good show overall, but as usual turn it off before the
main event.
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