I don’t think you’ve had a lightning round in a while, but I was just wondering about your musings on the following gimmicks and personas:

–Dr. of Thuganomics John Cena Loved it at the time, although I’d probably have gotten sick of it just as fast as I did with Super-Cena.  But yeah, I was all aboard the Cena train when he was getting the rocket push. –Reverend D-Von It was more clever than interesting. –Legend Killer Randy Orton circa 2004 Should have been even bigger before Undertaker kind of derailed it.  It was a tremendous concept, though.  –Hollywood Heel Rock (I know, it’s Rocky, what’s not to love, but how did you think this stacked up among his character runs?) Brilliant, high-concept trolling from the master.  He did it just to prove he could.  Unfortunately he never had a chance to draw on top with it.  –The New Age Outlaws Huge fan, but much like everyone else I was burned on them by the time they did the reunion and farewell in 2000.  It was a gimmick that lasted the perfect amount of time and drew all the money it was going to.  –The SmackDown Six (the three-way tag team feuds between Angle, Rey, Edge, Benwho, and Los Guerreros)  Only thing that kept me sane in 2002.  –nWo in WWE Waste of time and money.  –RAW GM Eric Bischoff Should have drawn millions in a deeply-layered meta-textual war with Vince McMahon as revenge for WCW’s death, but they hugged in his first appearance and he was just a effective but clownish heel instead.  –Rated-R Superstar Edge circa Banging Lita Well we all know how I feel about Lita from that era.  I was so far burned out on wrestling in general that I never really got into Edge’s run on top, to be honest.  –Dancing Lance Storm (cabbage-patching face turn after Austin called him “Boring”; a try at personality, embarrassing, or just plain forgettable? I actually admit to having a soft spot for this one) Barely even remember that one.  –The Hurricane He was right where he should have been with that gimmick.  –Right to Censor I really wish the people involved would have been better, because it was an awesome pure heel gimmick in a time when “cool heels” where dominating and annoying everyone.  –Alliance Heel Stone Cold I believe this falls under the Invasion / Heel Cena / Montreal rule.  Bonus question: Over/under the unification of the world titles lasting longer than the apartment switch on Friends? They’re jumping through so many hoops to avoid actually advertising and/or promising a unification that you can only think it’ll be the belt-swapping scenario everyone has guessed.