Rumble 14′

White Thunder here,

 I mentioned in the Rumble thread the other day how cool it would be if Royal Rumble was actually for the Unified World Titles. I hate to see a screw job at TLC and yet another reign by Abeyance but a Rumble for the belt would be amazing. They could also have some hot TV matches as guys could have to win a qualifying match to get into the Rumble. 1992 is still considered the best Rumble and I feel this would be a great way to build some excitement heading into the Wrestlemania season. Any chance we see this or this too much of wrestling angle and not enough entertainment?

I think if they vacated the title AGAIN and then built up to Rumble promising that this time, no lying, we absolutely swear that we won't do a screwjob finish and will have a definitive winner for the belt…they'd probably kill the Rumble off once and for all.  
I've had enough of Abeyance the Champion this year.  Let it die.