Thought on Survivor Series


> Look I want to begin with what I'm about to say is a bit outlandish. But it is at all possible that the WWE was sandbagging it on this PPV? Honestly is it crazy to think that they (Vince and company) put together this below average show on purpose. Here me out on this because I'm never one for conspiracy theories or this other crazy internet bs but something stunk about this whole build to a supposed "big four" show of the year. With the WWE about to renegotiate for their TV rights and the new network on the horizon you would assume ratings,PPV buys,and overall popularity will play large part in those upcoming negotiations. So to show improvement in all those areas you bottom out this month and show steady gains from here on out. Honestly why else would you place Show ( a guy whom hasn't drawn in years and you could argue never drew) in the Main Event? Vince and company know that they aren't dumb. They know that a decent number of fans will buy the Survivor Series just habitually along with the parents of children who want to watch Cena. So following tonight's show you have the build towards unifying the titles along with the returns of Brock, Taker etc. to coincide with the "road to Wrestlemania and ratings will rise. So going into the TV negotiations the WWE can show that they as a company are on the upswing and demand more cash? Am I far off on this?

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Sorry, but they just really think Big Show is a draw and their storytelling prowess is unmatched. Ratings go up by January anyway with the end of football season, no tanking it purposely needed.