Survivor Series Main Events

Do you remember when Big Show and Randy Orton wrestled at Extreme Rules six months ago?  No?  And Cena-Del Rio was one of the lowest buyrates in the history of the company (Vengeance '11) but they're wrestling on multiple PPVs two years later?

Are they just trying to not sell PPVs at this point?

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy with them.  They get the bulk of their money from TV rights fees now, so they ignore PPV revenues and then blame declining PPV revenues on the PPV market dying.  This conveniently ignores UFC doubling their average buyrate on a monthly basis and boxing still making hundreds of millions off PPV even with the sport in the state that it's in today.  But that's the thinking they have, which is why it's REALLY important to get the Network up and running so they can jettison that PPV anchor that's been weighing them down, ya know.