New E-Book: KB’s History of In Your House


My newest book is pretty self-explanatory. It’s the complete history of In Your House, a WWF pay per view series that ran from May 1995 to April 1999. The series covers most of the New Generation and the first half of the Attitude Era and everything in between. There are some absolute masterpieces included in this series, ranging from the first Hell in a Cell to Canadian Stampede to Austin vs. Dude Love II to Shawn vs. Mankind and many others.

Also included is a look back at the story that kept the company afloat when WCW’s boot was over the WWF’s throat: the Border War. The majority of the story took place at In Your House, including the final blowoff in Calgary. There’s also a good portion of the most famous feud of all time with the corporate Vince McMahon trying to suppress the rebellion being waged by Stone Cold Steve Austin. The feud defined the Attitude Era and carried the company to heights never believed possible.

In Your House was one of the most important pay per view series of all time and features some of the most important matches in the company’s history. This new book looks at every single show in the series and includes detailed history and analysis of each show, broken down match by match and segment by segment. The book runs about 320 pages on a Kindle or about 170 single spaced pages in Word.

The book is available from Amazon for just $4 and can be picked up in any country that has Amazon.

It can be found at the American Amazon here.

At the UK Amazon here.

And at the Canadian Amazon here.

If you’re in another country and would like to pick it up, just search “KB’s In Your House” and it should be the first thing that pops up.

If you don’t have a Kindle or E-Reader, there are 100% free apps that can be downloaded from Amazon, found here.

Please check it out and I hope you enjoy it.