Just Curious…

The only reason I bother to watch RAW live (sometimes) is because I'm confident they'll cut good stuff out in favor of crap for the Hulu version. This was VERY true last night, as apparently Hulu omitted the Xavier Woods debut, the entertaining Miz/Kofi vs We the People tag with the Miz heel turn and the amusing-if-overlong Ziggler/Sandow match — but left in the crappy Show/Ryback match, the pointless Vickie and Brad stuff and Florida Georgia Line.

Does that bother you with the Hulu versions? To be clear, I'm not writing to urge you to return to rants on the full shows; on the contrary, if I were you, I'd be wondering why I was bothering to recap a version of the show that has so much crap and cuts better stuff and thinking about skipping the whole thing at this point.

While they might cut out stuff that some consider "good", I find that one thing they excel at is leaving in everything that's actually important to the ongoing storyline in the main event.  Which is kind of the point of the show in the first place.  If I want a show to enjoy, I have NXT.  Literally nothing you described above sounds all that great, and it's all up on their YouTube channel the next day anyway if they cut out something REALLY egregious and I just have to see it.  
Hulu's version is fine and much easier to watch than 3 hours was.