Fixing Survivor Series

Interested in getting the BOGs thoughts on my idea on how to fix Survivor Series.

My pitch is having two of your standard tag elimination match (4 or 5 per team) goes down. The remaining wrestlers at the end of those then fight at the next months PPV, with the winner there fighting for the title at Royal Rumble.

It allows for multi-month booking, easy build for feuds and gives those eliminations some weight. Plus, if you're building up a new threat, having them win big matches at three straight PPVs sounds solid to me.

I do think they desperately need something to give the fall season momentum going into the Rumble, but I think I'd ditch the traditional Series format entirely and go with a King of the Ring style one-night tournament to find the #1 contender for the Rumble match instead.  No need to overly complicate things, plus TOURNAMENTS ARE AWESOME.