NXT – November 20, 2013

November 20, 2013
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Byron Saxton, William Regal, Alex Riley
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the start of a new taping cycle tonight so we should be in for a much
fresher show. The main story tonight is the return of Bo Dallas who
has been on an international tour for the last few weeks. The
question now is who challenges him for the NXT Title after he’s
pretty much done everything he can with Sami Zayn. Let’s get to it.

Home. Appropriate theme for the week.
Bo to open things up with balloons and streamers falling. Bo is even
wearing a party hat and has that goofy grin on his face. He says
there’s no place like home and says that everyone who has been
reading the Bo Dallas newsletter, they know everyone loves Bo. The
fans chant what sounds like Pocahontas before breaking into the
standard NO chant.
wishes everyone could be here but he has a slide show for us. The
slides show him posing in various places such as Montreal, Cambodia
(where he sports entertained in front of a crowd of over 300,000
people), Lichtenstein (where he hugged a diseased man, healing him by
50%), Delaware and Portland. Then he went to Transylvania where they
offered him cookies. Since all of the Bo-Lievers here are his
friends, everyone here is getting a cookie! There are attendants
actually passing them out until JBL interrupts.
interim GM says the company is proud of Bo for being a wonderful
international ambassador. Just like Randy Orton is with WWE, Bo is
the face of NXT. This brings out Sami Zayn to a big pop and an Ole
chant. Bo: “Hey Sami. Did you come to get a cookie?” Sami says
no but he’s glad to see both JBL and Bo here in the same ring. Zayn
just wants to be reinstated so he can take the NXT Title, but JBL
disagrees with Ricky Bobby.
fans chant cheeseball at JBL, so he threatens to suspend the entire
audience. Sami is reinstated and Bo isn’t pleased. Zayn says he’ll
start from the ground up, but next time he’s in the ring with Dallas,
he’s taking the title. JBL announces a Beat the Clock challenge with
the winner getting the next title shot with Zayn as one of the
competitors. For those of you unfamiliar, a Beat the Clock challenge
consists of a series of matches and whoever can win their match
fastest wins.
the Clock Challenge: Colin Cassady vs. Alexander Rusev
mysterious blonde is apparently his social media ambassador and named
Lana. Rusev pounds away in the corner and headbutts Cassady down for
a quick two. Some more headbutts get more near falls but Rusev
missed a middle rope splash. Cassady comes back with some quick
right hands but can’t slam him down. Instead it’s a high knee to the
face for two but Cassady misses a charge into the corner and hits his
head on the post.
Accolade goes on but Cassady slips his arms off Rusev’s legs and gets
to the ropes. Rusev picks Cassady up and drives knees into his back
without moving Cassady, sort of like a standing backbreaker. A
headbutt to the back of Cassady’s head sets up the Accolade for the
submission to set the time at 5:33.
D+. Not much to see here but
Cassady looked good in his first solo outing after Enzo’s injury.
Rusev’s monster is great and works very well for him given how he
looks. Back in the day he would have been headlining house shows
against Hogan already but things have changed a bit, and that’s
better for guys like him.
Neville says that it’s unfortunate Corey Graves has a concussion but
that’s the chance you take in the ring. He knows a thing or two
about speed and tonight we’ll see if Aiden English can keep up.
There’s a new backstage interviewer named Devon Taylor and she’s no
Renee Young.
is depressed about Charlotte turning on her last week. They were
like Spongebob and Patrick or Tommy and Chucky. They used to pogo
stick and do the robot together. She threatens to beat up Charlotte
but apologizes for scaring Devon. Maybe she’d like to do the robot
with Bayley?
the Clock Challenge: Tyler Breeze vs. Kassius Ohno
nickname is now Prince Pretty. Tyler quickly stomps him down into
the corner but Ohno gets two of his own off a backslide. Kassius
hits one of the loudest chops I’ve ever heard but Breeze sends him
out to the floor with a hard dropkick to the head. Regal wants to
know why Breeze is trying to get him back into the ring when Tyler
could easily win by countout here.
finally gets rolled back inside for two as the fans are split on who
they like better. A clothesline gets another near fall for Breeze
but Kassius ducks the Beauty Shot spinwheel kick as we’re running out
of time. Ohno misses an elbow smash and they trade rollups for two
each. Kassius grabs a rollup of of his own for the pin at 4:48,
setting the new time.
C. Much more exciting match
which is one of the perks of a Beat the Clock Challenge. On the
other hand though, the rest of the matches are going to have a 4:48
time limit at the most which doesn’t give much time to set things up.
Still though, Breeze is just nailing this character right now and
it’s great.
vs. John J. Hornigan/Chris Rothwell
hits a quick Samoan drop on I think Rothwell before Hunico pins him
with a Swanton at 24 seconds. That’s quite the squash.
and Camacho are coming for Ascension.
older looking male backstage interviewer talks to Ohno who is fired
up about his win. Lana comes in and yells at Ohno for screwing up
Rusev’s title shot. Ohno calls her Natasha and says tell Boris that
Rusev can have the first title shot.
the Clock Challenge: Adrian Neville vs. Aiden English
sings about the 525,600 matches in WWE and measuring them in
headlocks and takedowns. WHY IS THIS GUY NOT ON RAW??? Neville
grabs a quick rollup for two and speeds things up with a legsweep for
another two. English comes back with a suplex for two of his own
before stomping away in the corner. Adrian fights back with some
chops but gets taken down and punched in the face a lot.
kicks away at the leg and hits a quick kick to the chest for two.
We’ve got a minute left but Aiden rolls away before Neville can
launch the Red Arrow. English loads up a superplex but gets shoved
down, setting up the Red Arrow for the pin at 4:45, good for the lead
by three seconds.
C-. This was the perfect kind
of match for Neville who was flying around as fast as he could out
there. It’s a very good sign for him that he can do more than just
high spots which means he’s got a lot more potential than various
other guys with a high flying finisher. English shouldn’t be losing
clean this soon though.
accepts Hunico and Camacho’s challenge.
the Clock Challenge: Sami Zayn vs. Leo Kruger
comes out to watch from the stage. Sami gets an early two off a
cross body and Kruger gets the same off a slam. Zayn pops up to the
top for a high cross body for two as the fans are into this already.
Leo puts him right back down and elbows Sami for two as the OLE
chants begin. A cravate slows Sami down a bit longer but he fights
up with some clotheslines and a dropkick another near fall. Kruger
catches him in a spinebuster as we have 45 seconds left. Leo wastes
a lot of time waiting for Sami to get up but takes his head off with
the Slice for two but Sami counters a cover into a rollup for the pin
as time expires.
C. Another fast paced match
here with a very interesting ending. Sami’s eventual push to the
title continues, though at this point I’m not sure if he’s going to
actually get the belt or not. Kruger is looking more and more like a
jobber to the stars around here as of late, which isn’t a good sign
for him at all.
match here’s JBL to say there will not be controversy. Therefore,
next week it’s Zayn vs. Neville since their times were identical.
The winner gets a title shot the following week.
B-. This is what I’m
talking about by week to week booking. Notice how there’s a natural
flow from one week to another and you’re given a reason to watch the
next episode. On the main shows it’s just “tune in next week to
see whatever happens next.” That’s very vague and not a reason to
watch. Here on the other hand you’re given stories and multiple
reasons to check out the next show. If you don’t like the #1
contenders match, there’s also the Divas and the tag title picture.
That’s a really good way of running a show and keeps people coming
back over and over. Good show this week.
Rusev b. Colin Cassady – Accolade
Ohno b. Tyler Breeze – Rollup
b. John J. Hornigan/Chris Rothwell – Swanton Bomb to Rothwell
Neville b. Aiden English – Red Arrow
Zayn b. Leo Kruger – Rollup
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