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Reason for Twelve-Man Tag Match Airing on RAW Instead of Survivor Series?

The main reason for the match airing on RAW was that they are trying to build up matches for TV in order to increase the rights fees so they can use the profits towards the new network.

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How the American Wolves Got Their Recent Tryout

After last month’s camp at the Performance Center, HHH felt that Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards were too “indy” looking and that they already had a lot of those guys on the roster and in developmental. However, William Regal went to bat for the duo, stating that he thinks they could become something special so that is how they got their one-week tryout

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WWE Hall of Fame Wrestler Working on an Autobiography?

According to Jim Ross, Patterson is working on a book

Necro Butcher Arrested

Butcher, whose real name is Dylan Summers, was arrested on 11/18 in West Virginina for misdemeanor domestic battery


WWE Signs Female Arm Wrestler to a Developmental Deal?

Sara Backman announced on her Twitter account that she has signed a deal. She is an eight-time Eurpoean Arm Wrestling Champion.