What ya gonna do brother…

“What if time” mofos.  This is geared mostly for the old school heads and the wrestling historians we have here on the BoD.  I’ve read everything I can on this topic, but since I was 1 at the time, I ask this question mostly out of ignorance…

What if Hulk Hogan chooses to stay with the AWA in 1983?  

Things to consider:
– Is Vince still successful in going national without Hogan?

– Was WWF the dominant territory promotion at the time, and was expansion inevitable with or without Hogan?

– Most interesting to me, who does Vince choose to be the face of the expansion if Hogan is not around?

– Is the first WM as successful without Hogan?

Fun fact: Wikipedia claims Vince wanted Hogan to color his hair red upon his original WWF stint.

Like I said, I ask this question mostly out of ignorance so will digress to you guys.