Cucch’s Query of the Morning

Well, its been a fun few weeks you Bag O’ Dicks (BODers). Just to fill you in (and yes, I have been able to snag a certain said someone and fill her in) I just picked up two new fresh shiny wrestling books: Gary Michael Cappetta’s “Bodyslams” and David Shoemaker’s new s---…which, from thumbing through a few chapters, is just fresh to death. So anticipate reviews of those right after or during the holiday season, depending on my mood after having to basically live in a Holiday Inn Express for a few weeks. (You know I am gonna crush that mini bar).

Anyway, my question, non wrestling related, is this: I recently picked up Eminem’s new CD, MMLP2, and think it is hot fire like Dylan. As a recovering addict, naturally “The Monster” speaks to me, as does “So Far”, “Rap God”, and “Love Game.” Question is this: What is your opinion of the album and what is your favorite track?