QOTD 65 / 66: Butterflies / Dialed In

I had a job interview today that played like one of those Slumdog Millionaire moments, every question had an answer from my past experience, and the stuff he asked about that I didn’t know, I turned out to be right about anyway.

Truth be told, I was ready for this interview, dialed in, and ready to rock this thing from the second I landed it.

What’s your best “I got this” moment? A moment where you knew you were in the zone and ready to play. I know a few of us played sports, and others are writers, so feel free to talk about ‘flow’ and all of that.

Of course I got lost on my way, and lost all that confidence in the span of three wrong turns in Boston Massachusetts, which I’m convinced is a living creature when it comes to highways and roads. So naturally I got nervous and lost a lot of that confidence, but got it back with some deep breaths and rap tracks.

How do you deal with ‘butterflies’ prior to big moments in your life? Deep breaths? Gooseefaba? Pot? What’s your trick to ‘getting up’ for big moments?