When I’m (QOTD) 64?

How do you feel about getting older? If you multiply your age by 2, are you 64? 

I don’t like getting older because I like a lot of stuff I don’t typically associate with ‘adults’. Videogames, Wrestling, comics, cheesy movies, whatever – I know plenty of adults like these things, but for whatever reason I still refuse to believe I’m like, a grown up, despite being two years older than when my Mom and Dad had me.

I think around the late 20s a figurative finger starts to poke you in the back of the head, asking if you’re doing everything you want with your life, if you’re happy, making the right choices, wondering why the eff you don’t have a wife, a kid, and a puppy named SuperFudge. For the record I’m naming my first kid William Harrison Andrew Meekin, so his initials spell out WHAM. So when he does something wrong I can be like “No Whammy, no Whammy, no Whammy, Stop!”

The two people on the planet who get that joke, will laugh with glee.

That said, I think ‘my generation’ (which is stupid because anyone who talks about their generation while their generation is under 30 is a pretentious poop head), has been put off marriage and commitment and connection in favor of carnal pleasures. Casual connections, online dating, and all sorts of other things (internet porno) have made a long-term relationship kind of the least prudent way to get lucky.

Here’s a conversation that I have with myself pretty often – keeping in mind I don’t think myself a super genius, nor would I write such…awkward dialog:

If I multiply my age by 2, I arrive at 54 actually, which is how old my dad is who was splitting wood and mowing the lawn this morning while I was doing much of nothing in bed. My dad plays Minecraft IRL.