“What If.” “IT DOESNT MATTER, if I return…???”

Morning BoD. Shout out and props to all our veterans and current military
personnel on Veterans Day here in the states. Regardless of your view on war,
our obligations or lack thereof as a “superpower”, etc., I think we
can all agree that our military personnel and veterans have made great
sacrifices for the greater good of the country. Hope everyone had a fun and
refreshing weekend. Mine was a clusterfuck of doing boyfriend duties, house
work, and trying to get a water pipe fixed so I could get running water again
to my house. Ugh.

I’ve had a week of doing these, and am still trying to gauge what type of
post will “draw” the most and generate the most discussion here on
the blog. Today I’m gonna venture a little more into fantasy booking land then I had originally ever planned to do, just to see how it works.

What If Rock never makes his 2011-2013 WWE return? His
return changed the entire paradigm of the WWE for that 3 year stretch.
Everything at the top of the card was booked long term around monetizing every
appearance he made during that run, especially his WM matches. Im convinced his
entire 3 year run was meticulously planned out almost appearance for appearance before he
returned to WWE TV. A quick recap of the current landscape during his 3 year run:

Rock returned before the Elimination Chamber 2011 ppv, to hype his role as
the upcoming WM 27 host. He immediately cut a GREAT vintage Rock promo, calling
out John Cena and The Miz, the two acts penciled in to as the main event of WM
27. A night after laying the smackdown on Cena and Miz at WM 27, Rock and Cena
come to a gentlemen’s agreement to face off in the main event of WM 28. During
the year long build to WM 28, an interesting thing happens…CM Punk
organically gains steam from the pipe bomb and his feud with John Cena. He
becomes one of the hotter acts WWE has seen in awhile. Rock eventually returns
for a one off match at Survivor Series, teaming with Cena, to take on Awesome
Truth. WM eventually rolls around, and the card shapes up as expected: Rock vs
Cena at the top, a HHH/UT rematch, and CM Punk vs a returning Chris Jericho.
Rock surprisingly goes over Cena at WM 28, setting up the rematch we are all
familiar with. Since this was pretty recent, Im gonna skip recapping how we got

Now that we are caught up, how does the landscape of WWE change from
2011-2013 if he never comes back.

Thing to consider:

– How does WM 27 look without Rock? Is WWE confident enough in Cena/Miz at
the top of the card? Do they panic and hot shot one of their established guys
(HHH, Orton, etc.) into the main event vs Cena?

– Most interestingly to me, how is CM Punk handled in 2011? Is WWE more
protective of him since they dont have the Rock to fall back on for WM 28?

– What does WM 28 look like? Does WWE hotshot UT/Cena? Does Vince ride the
momentum of CM Punks rise to prominence and go with Cena/Punk as the main

– Same question for WM 29. What does WWE do for WM 29 in the absence of a
Rock/Cena rematch?

Plausible Scenarios, in random order…

– Without a clear cut WM 28 main event, Vince stretches out the CM Punk return
a little, and goes with a Cena/Punk main event along HHH/UT at WM 28. Vince also
keeps Miz hanging around the top of the card for a little while longer.

– We never get the Extreme Rules Brock Lesnar/John Cena match. Lesnar is
booked a little more creatively and is saved for WM 29, where he headlines
against John Cena.

This is just a jumpoff point. Go in any direction you choose.