So level with me Scott, with regards to any uber secret insider information you have. What the hell is going on with the direction of WWE?

Is my Observer subscription uber-secret insider info now? But wait, it gets better after the break! (Just to clarify, this is all an e-mail from Jesse Baker, not my rantings.)

Bryan’s being buried/scapegoated to protect HHH and Randy Orton’s talentless asses and his”yes” chant stripped from him and given to Big Show, who may or may not be canon fodder for Orton.
Bryan’s now fucking being stuck on jobber duty alongside Punk, having to service the Wyatt Family and make them look tough by allowing the Wyatts to beat them week after week.
There won’t be any further Bryan/Orton match, no god-awful Michaels/Bryan match where Bryan gets to beat a jobber like Shawn Michaels, nor any sort of match with HHH where Bryan gets to beat HHH as badly as Sheamus did when Sheamus retired HHH as an active wrestler. Just jobbing with Punk to get over Hillbillies 2013 and MAYBE a meaningless, pointless continuity ignoring feud with Nu-Kane (aka Libertarian Kane), who much like Babs Gordan back as Batgirl, has been fucked up so badly I no longer give a fuck about it because they did it in the worst possible way imaginable.
Meanwhile Cena’s back and rather than trying to salvage that trainwreck, by having Cena grow a pair and actually doing GOOD for a change via having him go after HHH and Orton for the shit they pulled while he was out injured, he’s being forced to do three-way matches with the Rhodes boys (who have been turned into an afterthough after they won the tag team belts) with Sandow.
Cena doesn’t even get HHH and Orton shitting on him and banishing him to Smackdown as part of some petty bullshit where they pre-emptively keep him from opposing their reign of terror by banishing him to the B-Show and giving Vicky Guererro the mission to get rid of Cena permanently.
Cena MIGHT face Undertaker at WM, or the lazy fuck Brock Lesner, assuming they don’t do Punk/Brock Lesner, in a meaningless match designed to feed Cena to Taker to keep the streak going with Cena not giving a fuck if he wins or loses because, Cena’s apathetic towards everything except the Rock
Zigggler and Ryder are now unpersons, utterly buried
The Shield continues to prove themselves worthless: NONE of them have ANY sort of personality, save that one of them has a pair of black gloves.
Still no sign of Vince even though you’d think they would have him come back and back Bryan/restore Bryan as champion after HHH screwed him out of the belt, in order to kick off the set in stone feud.
So what the fuck is the overall game plan? You’ve repeatedly said they ain’t merging the belts. They seem to not give a fuck about actually pulling the trigger on Vince vs HHH, as they should have done it to get the belt back on Bryan after HHH stripped him of it, in order to justify them doing that storyline (in terms of Vince seeing HHH has gone mad with power and trying his damnest to fix the mess he and Steph have made). How the hell do they have Vince come back now of Bryan is out of the picture and Cena’s stuck doing trio matches and Punk is stuck having been glamored so as to make him flat out BLIND to HHH and Steph’s reign of terror?
Fuck, at this rate, I would not be shocked if they give the annual WM match with Taker to HHH so he can beat Taker and beat the streak, simply for egomania purposes. He will do that, yes he will, since he’s already gone out of his way to bury Bryan and Edge and countless other guys these last couple of months. Given HHH’s egomania, you know he’s probably been dying to get over Taker after losing to him two straight Manias, even with his bullshit “clobbering Undertaker after the match to overshadow his defeat” crap.
So what the hell is the gameplan? And don’t say “they don’t have a game plan retard” because everything since Summerslam has been based around the idea that they do, as their whole justification for forcing the fail and AIDS of HHH upon us.
Is there ANY hope of them changing their mind and “saving throw” things to give Bryan the belt ASAP? Fans overseas are already shitting on Orton and Big Show, so can we hope for some sort of audible where, after Orton and Big Show get shitted on worse than Luger/Windham at Great American Bash, that Vince comes out at the end of the show to strip Orton of the belt/restore it to Bryan and reveal, on next night’s Raw, that Vince has proof HHH bribed whatshisname to go along with his plot to strip Bryan of the belt at the September PPV/kick off the HHH/Vince feud? Or have Vince come out on Raw the next night, order a Bryan/Orton match that ends with Bryan winning the belt and kickstarting the HHH/Vince feud and giving Bryan a lengthy run as champion? Or will Vince willingly let shit further go downhill, not even try and salvage something from this mess to get fans to come back and not even try until Royal Rumble, where things get so bad that Vince ends up having to jetison EVERYTHING in order to have Bryan win the Rumble, beat HHH at the February PPV, and then Orton at Mania in order to try and get fans to come back via giving us what we want, damn what HHH might want?
Or, as I mentioned above, “there is no plan retard” and even whispers of HHH/Vince and Cena/Undertaker are WWE-fake spoilers designed to hide the fact that HHH, ever the egomaniac, used Cena’s hiatus to heal from his injury, to take over and isn’t giving up the spotlight out of the usual jealousy/envy that has only magnified by ten with Rock’s return these last couple of years and the only game plan is to feed HHH’s ego?