Wyatt Family!

Uh oh, Chris Walker should be concerned, because he’s already been supplanted as the hot topic of discussion in my inbox by THE WYATT FAMILY. IWC has been looking at the Wyatt Family program as a step down for Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, but this is their right of passage to make stars and Luke Harper could very well benefit from this.If they bounce around the ring for him, I’m thinking Harper could be money if he gets the opportunity. Harper has the size, the Mick Foley-esque look, can take some sick bumps and obviously has some skills that can be further developed in the WWE style.
Your thoughts on this matter?
He needs to trim that fucking beard.  Hey Scott, do you agree that Harper seems to be the “chosen one” (similar to Reigns for The Shield) who is already built up as the big star out of his group? he’s getting the most ring time by far (unlike Reigns though, who is more protected and almost unbeatable right now), he has his distinctive “catchphrase” (yeah yeah yeah / Reigns: ROAAAAARRRR), the big impressive finisher AND brutal finisher nr 2 (Spinning Clothesline & Big Boot / Reigns: Spear & Powerbomb) and getting the singles matches (unlike Reigns).
keep on rockin’!
He’s already a more impressive worker than Bray Wyatt is, and that can only help him.  You’ll notice we barely even see Rowen on TV in the ring.  I think actually that dumping Rowen and replacing him with a repackaged Ohno would not be the worst idea in the world.  I think he’s a good guy to put in there with the smaller guys because he can bump around with them and have good matches, but he’s not big enough to go in there with the big guys and look like a star, so there’s probably a good little midcard niche for him.  Roman Reigns, however, is gonna be the guy, so we might as well accept it now and get to like him.  He does have an awesome wrestling name, at least.