QOTD 53: Crossover!

What are your favorite crossovers?

Naturally, kentacohut.

Beyond the unholy (and wholly delicious) marriage of KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut, I have a soft spot for cross overs. I think they’re neat and even if they’re not always *good*, it’s always fun.

A Star is Burns – I caught this episode before ‘hype’ was a thing on the internet, and loved it. Here’s a humdinger – when this first aired I was 9. I triple checked the math on that and its right. I remember because my mind was blown apart when the episode made a “Jetsons meet the Flinstones” joke, a tape I had accidentally taped over that *very* day. Unless my memory is fooling me which is very possible. 

Obviously through 17 more years worth of re-watches and internet fiddling, I learned Groening was upset about the whole thing and took his name off the episode. Which always struck me kind of terrible. He tried to get the episode pulled, and said some really nasty things to James L. Brooks, who brought us Mary Tyler Moore for crying out loud.

Anyway the episode is a near classic.  It’s where “Boo-urns” actually comes from and it makes a wild point about trying to convince Homer to choose the ‘better’ film over the more entertaining one.

The Jetsons meet The Flintstones – I watched this tape all the time as a kid. Fun little plot and tons of fish out of water humor, which is good in pretty much any flick. I don’t remember much about it now, but remember liking it at the time and being the first time I got a ‘concept” for cross-overs.

Some more to think about:

The Onslaught Saga (any comic nerds want to explain this one too me? Is is worth reading?), The Avengers, Freddy Vs. Jason, No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson, The Rugrats Go Wild, That time the Ninja Turtles met The Power Rangers, X-men: Days of Future Past, That time all those cartoon characters came together to say no to drugs, That time Jordan played baseball,