Wrestling on the Marquee

Highspots.com will have a video series called "When Wrestling was on the Marquee" with 3 hours shows of classic wrestling.  Two reasons I'm posting this:

1) I'm not sure if it has any connection to the posts of the same name made on Botchamania.com.  If it does, kudos to getting a video series.

2) Many famous wrestlers from the past appear here, from the Fabulous Kangaroos to……Paul Christy?  (Check the 2:30 minute mark for the commentary)

Looks like they got rights to a bunch of footage from Joe Blanchard's territory, which is one of the few not owned by WWE.  You could put that together with some of the public domain Memphis stuff and make a pretty good classic wrestling DVD for cheap, actually.  I'd check it out when it's released.