The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT–10.30.13

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 10.30.13 Taped from Orlando, FL Your hosts are William Regal & Byron Saxton & Renee Young Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady v. Alexander Rusev & Sylvester Lefort As the announcers note, this is the in-ring debut for Lafort. Surprising, because he looks like someone they’d push the shit out of based on six-pack alone. Rusev wallops Big Cas to start and the crowd wants Enzo. I dunno if Enzo wants that. And indeed, Rusev beats the hell out of him as well, but then turns on Lefort as well before finishing Cas with the camel clutch at 1:33. I’m guessing he’s looking for new management. And once again, the blonde chick is watching him and liking what she sees. This was a total squash for Rusev, as he even beat up his own partner! ½* Aiden English v. Jason Jordan They HAVE to get English on the main roster, like now. This guy is ready for prime time with a gimmick that will instantly get him over. He wrestles Jordan down and applies a sleeper, WHILE SINGING, but Jordan powers out of it into a dropkick for two. English finishes with the Side Effect, now called the Director’s Cut, at 1:20. And then people in the front row throw roses into the ring! This gimmick is AWESOME. On another note, I feel like I should know Jordan from somewhere. Paige v. Summer Rae No title on the line here. Paige tosses her around by the hair, which causes the Mean Girls to freak out and regroup. Back in, Paige clotheslines her on the top rope for two and stomps a mudhole in the corner for two. And we take a break, during which we get a LENGTHY recap of RAW. Um, this show is only 40 minutes this week as it is, do we really need that much filler? If I GAVE a shit about Randy Orton and Big Show I wouldn’t be seeking this show out week after week to give me what RAW doesn’t. Finally we return with Summer in control, pounding Paige down for two. Paige makes the comeback with a dropkick for two, and finishes with the Paige Turner (spinning neckbreaker) at 12:08, much of which was a RAW recap. Emma pre-emptively attacks Sasha Banks to prevent any heel shenanigans, but accidentally lays out Paige in the process. Pretty dull match, but not actively bad or anything. *1/2 I still don’t know why dead weight like Alicia Fox and Aksana are on the main roster but they can’t find anything for Paige to do. Tyler Breeze v. CJ Parker Parker pounds on Breeze to start and gets a suplex for two, and a crossbody that results in shots TO THE FACE. And a headbutt! Doesn’t he realize that Breeze is a model? Airplane spin as the crowd is pretty merciless to Parker, and Breeze bails as we take a break. Back with Breeze in control via a backdrop suplex and some choking, which allows him time to stop for a selfie. There’s always time for a selfie. Parker fights back with clotheslines and a leg lariat for two. The crowd continues to ignore him and cheer for Breeze instead. Breeze with a jawbreaker, but Parker finishes him with the Third Eye (palm thrust) at 10:18. *1/2 The crowd just HATES Parker and it’s probably time to repackage him into something else. The Pulse Even at an abbreviated 40 minutes they were still cramming filler into this show, which isn’t surprising given how thin the roster was thanks to an overseas tour. This was a very skippable episode as a result, but once again Aiden English steals the show.