WWF Tuesday Night Titans: May 10th, 1985

May 10th, 1985
Your hosts are Lord Alfred Hayes and Vince McMahon
This week’s guests include Roddy Piper & Bob Orton, Bruno Sammartino, and Ivan Putski

The show starts with Bruno coming out to the set. Vince asks him about his son and Bruno says that they train together and that David wants to team with him. Vince brings up WrestleMania and we see the clip of him going after Johnny Valiant during his son’s match. Vince then talks to Bruno about getting called out from the ring by Jesse Ventura as we see a clip of that. Bruno then says he is still training incase he has to get back into the ring.
After a break, we are shown a squash match featuring David Sammartino. Bruno talks some more about his training and the segment ends after that. The whole Bruno segment lasted for fifteen minutes and wasn’t very exciting but they made it clear that he was going to get back into the ring again, at least for a few matches.
Roddy Piper and Bob Orton come out to the set. Vince asks Orton about his arm not healing yet as Piper puts him over for not backing down and still wrestling then says that is the reason why he still wearing the cast. Orton then says he is what a real man should be and that if he went to Canada instead of Vietnam, they would have won the war. We are seen the clip of Orton injuring his arm at an MSG.
We see a match between Paul Roma and Bob Orton joined-in-progress from Maple Leaf Wrestling. After it ends, Vince calls out Orton for not appearing to be in pain. Orton then says that he might have to wear the cast for the rest of his life as everyone tries to attack him. Vince then brings up Paul Orndorff and Piper says that he has abs but no guts or brains then makes fun of him for a bit. Vince asks about him being a guest on Piper’s Pit and Roddy says that they want him to clear the air and fess up for being a wimp so they can “carry him for another two years.”
Vince angers the heels by telling them that the TNT resident physician, Dr. Stevens, is here to take a look at the arm of Orton. The doctor shows the x-rays right before his injury, which shows a break, then compares it to a recent injury that shows significant healing. Piper tries to say that it isn’t his x-ray and that it is a mistake. The doctor performs some tests on the arm and he reveals that Orton’s arm is fine. Piper was hysterical, quacking like a duck the whole time, as the heels refuse to accept the dcotor’s diagnosis. Funny stuff.
Ivan Putski is out next. He says that he is down to 240 lbs as the talk about kielbasa and the time he faced Lord Alfred Hayes.
Goldie Rogers vs. Ivan Putski
This is from Maple Leaf Wrestling. Putski hits a few hip tosses then a slam. Goldie rolls out as Ventura says he calls Ivan “Paduski” as he likes that name better. Goldie uses a thumb to the throat but Putski slams him down then stomps away. Putski hits some windmill punches before putting Goldie away with the Polish Hammer (3:08).
Thoughts: Not as bad as most Putski matches. Despite being a legend in the WWF, there was really no place for Putski at this time in the company.
After the match, Putski shows us the Polish Sausage Harvest. We are shown an old lady who welcomes us to the kielbasa tree. She shows us how to pick a sausage and they make Hayes taste it, who is absolutely repulsed. The lady spreads mustard all over the kielbasa tree to prevent “weebles” from ruining them. After that, Hayes puts the kielbasa in her mouth and they try to get him to bite the other end but he doesn’t go for it, stating that it is not for an English gentleman. This was bizarre to say the least.
Next week on TNT will be Wendi Richter, Rocky Johnson, Brutus Beefcake and Johnny Valiant and Salvatore Bellomo and his family.
As Vince closes the show, he talks about Orton’s arm being healthy then Orton comes out and says that he will not be discredited by some quack then Piper goes on a crazy rant against Vince, stating that they were set up by him.
Final Thoughts: A fairly entertaining episode. The Piper and Orton stuff was good and the news of Bruno getting back into the ring was exciting. The kielbasa tree segment was one of the oddest things I have ever seen on TNT though. Overall, this was more entertaining than most TNT shows.