QOTD 46: Beer me!

How do you guys define addiction? I remember reading Stephen King’s “On Writing” and found he realized he had some serious drinking (among other) issues when he would go out to restaurants and be absolutely baffled at people who could only have *A* class of wine, or a *A* beer – his logic being, why would you drink if you didn’t intend to get a little buzz-faced?

What do you define as alcoholism / addiction?  Any quality “oh man I gotta slow this shit down” stories you want to share if they aren’t toooo tragic?

Despite the fact I drink roughly once every three months, I have
to agree with King’s perception of booze. I don’t like the taste of any alcohol or mind
altering substance, and am more in it for its obviously intended
affects. I’m the same way with folks who spend like fifteen minutes
running down a list of what makes THEIR weed, so special – I.E I don’t
care if its a microbrew, green ninja, happy funtime express, or
whatever, I just care that it’ll get me a little, or a lot silly.

Could just be me, though.

To bring it back to wrestling, when I look at a guy like Ric Flair, I don’t really get alcoholic vibes, so much as…lonely vibes. On the SCSA Podcast you could almost here how excited he was to throw down brews with Stone Cold, and once he had a single beer, you hear the man open up and become a lot more loose.
It’s wild. My dad does the same thing, he doesn’t even seem to *need*
the beer, he’ll have a sip or three and suddenly be bonkers. It’s wild.

Similarly, while I don’t know if the guy needs help or what not, I think in reality he’s probably made peace with his drinking and what not – figuring that he’s made it this far being that guy who likes to drink, and as far as demons go, that’s not the worst one to have, save for an occasional domestic disturbance.

When it comes to addiction recovery I find it insane what DDP has been able to do via the DDP yoga stuff. Naturally time will tell, and not to speak for the guy, but I feel Scott Hall moving out of the accountability ranch wasn’t a swell move.

Though DDP said something that made me realize that I probably shouldn’t ‘smoke’ as often as I do. He said something like “Do you like what do you do when you’re high or fucked up? No? Then WHY ARE YOU DOING IT?!”. It’s a good point, and as a result I’ve stopped the whole “Oh man I wanna be high before this movie!” thing, because I hate being high in public places. Good thoughts from a smart dude.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t post this.