Hell in a Cell Week at Place to Be Nation (and more!)

Hi Scott –
Wanted to share a couple links from PTBN this week as we go into the Hell in a Cell PPV tonight. We’ll be having a live blog this evening as well.
Justin remembers the original Hell in a Cell:
PTBN HiaC Preview and Predictions:
Place to Be Podcast Episode 264 – Hell in a Cell Preview, Bound for Glory wrap-up and more!
The latest PTB Vintage Vault turns the page into 2001:
We also put up a written piece prior to each pod, which reviews one of the matches in depth:
Our Bound for Glory live blog had a lot of success:
Our Man Steve W jumps in for Scott and picks up our great Impact Wrestling reviews:
Matt Peddycord covers Smackdown weekly for PTBN:
Lastly – but certainly not least, Paul Meekin debuted with a piece on how Mick Foley’s first book impacted him: