The look of the shows

Why the hell do all the shows look the same? It used to be that Raw and Smackdown had their own individual sets and rope colors. Even the ppv's use those lame ass white ropes. Are blue, red and even black ropes not considered PG?
Well, NXT looks different, but that's kind of a special case.  By the way, Hulu didn't put the new episode up tonight, so I dunno what's going on with that.  Usually they're up at midnight EST on the dot.  
Anyway, I think the sameness of the shows is for budgetary reasons, in that they have to tape Superstars/Main Event/Smackdown/Saturday Morning Slam/Ring Ka King all in one go a lot of times, and it's easier to change the graphics on the big screen and use a generic set of ropes and ring aprons rather than having to swap out entire sets from show to show.  Plus it gives the entire lineup a unified feel, which I can understand from a business standpoint.  
Now, my own pet peeve is that they haven't actually changed the basic look of any of the shows in 10 years, outside of Smackdown getting rid of the big fist, but that's another issue entirely.