DVD Sale (UK Only)

Hey guys,

So i’m hitting a bit of a hard time right now financially (as i’m sure many of us are), to the point were we’re struggling to put food on the table.

I’m waiting to start a full time job working in a school, but i’m waiting a very long time for my CRB to come back. In the mean time, i’ve been doing paid freelance media work, which is starting to bring in cash. Problem being, I got in so much debt in the mean time paying the bills that it’s barely making a dent.

So anyway, sob stories aside, i’m clearing out some of my DVD’s to try and make a bit of money! Hopefully a few packages here people may be interested in.

Can only accept card payments, only, and all prices include 2nd class delivery fees. All retail values are primarily calculated based on Amazon prices, or if not, Highspots.com prices:

Multi-disc bundle (£55 – retail value of £80)
The Greatest Hell in a Cell Matches of All Time – Hell in a Cell (3 Disc Set)
The Ric Flair Interview (4 Disc Set)
The Best of Raw – 15th Anniversary (3 Disc Set – WITH a bonus Raw 1993 DVD, totaling it up for 4!)

WWE PPV bundle (£25 – retail value of £66)
WWE Rebellion 2002
WWE Judgment Day 2002
WWE Vengeance 2006

MLW 9 DVD pack (£30 – retail value of £54)

If you are interested in any of the above packages, please email at [email protected]

Thanks, guys!