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Vince McMahon Made Last Minute Changes to RAW

Orignally, the plan was for Cody Rhodes & Goldust to face the Shield in a handicapped match. However, Vince made the decision at the last minute to have the Sheild vs. Uso’s in order to set up the three way at the PPV.

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WWE Injury Updates

Here are an update on a few:

Bray Wyatt is currently off crutches

Dean Ambrose was limping around slightly backstage after RAW but it is not believed to be anything serious

There was a lot of talk about CM Punk being really banged up after his tag match. However, Mike Johnson reports that he was not able to get confirmation as to what specifically happened

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Backstage Thoughts on Triple H’s Comments on RAW

According to Mike Johnson of, he was told that there were many people backstage shaking their heads at the comments made by HHH about Daniel Bryan not being a star. The feeling by those people is that it just buried Bryan as a performer instead of coming off as a villian that was knocking a hero in a way that Bryan could get back at him

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Rob Van Dam is no Longer Under WWE Contract

This is a direct quote from the WWE office regarding the contract status of RVD:

“Rob Van Dam is currently not under a performance contract with WWE”

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NXT Star Getting Good Reviews for his Work on this Weekend’s House Shows

Tyler Breeze was getting praised for his work this weekend on the house show circuit, especially for his heel mannerisms.

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